26 Sep 2012

Are UFOs for real?

26 Sep 2012

I came across this video about UFOs on the very prolific blog

The site is an extraordinary collection of writing from the best channellers this discerning blog owner has found in the world today. They are carefully chosen and it’s fascinating to compare one message with the next to see how congruent they are.

UFOs only took my fancy briefly in Primary school, but more and more info seems to be popping up about them recently. This video points out that the strictly controlled Broadcast Media and Government equivalent of the Men in Black put in a huge amount of effort into making sure we don’t hear about sightings.

Any person brave (or stupid) enough to report a sighting is always discredited.

The video also brings attention to the fact the almost every UFO film or television show paints the riders in the UFOs – the aliens – as baddies.

I asked my son what movie or TV show he could think of where aliens were at least nice, if not powerful and helpful. All the two of us could think of was Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET. The fact you can count them on one hand compared to all the times they are projected as evil, power hungry nasties is kind of sad.

This video, however, paints a different picture and has plenty of film footage I’m sure the skeptics will have a field day on.

The question is, if our automatic reaction is that they are not real, why is that? Who planted that seed for us? What if they were real after all?

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