05 Nov 2013

Anonymous Hacker Group due to hit today

05 Nov 2013

Anonymous Hacker GroupOver the past few days you may have seen mention of the Anonymous group. The group’s messages have popped up all over the internet, many with very serious threats to the Governments of the world.

A bit of background on Anonymous

As a brief run down to fill you in, the group appears to be about 2 years old, it has no head quarters or central management which can be disassembled. The Group was started by rebellious computer hackers spread over several countries. Since then it has been expanding at a viral pace to more countries and a much broader skill set in their membership base.

Here is their YouTube channel started July 2011 and last updated 4 months ago.

I notice on their intro video it finishes the voice over saying “We DO forgive, we do not forget” which, in my eyes is an improvement on the current slogan of “We do not forgive, we do not forget”. I can understand not forgetting but, the individuals in this group are going to personally suffer if they don’t find a way out of the psychological baggage and find forgiveness once each step of their goals is complete. Inner Peace and Happiness has to be the ultimate goal.

The general theme of the group seems to be if you (the Government) bend what we (the people) are exposed to by censoring or offering biased propaganda to influence what you want us to do, think, buy etc., then the Anonymous Group on behalf of the people will breach your privacy (the Government’s secure files) and let the World see what agenda you are hiding.

More recently, here’s the video they did for the Singapore Government warning of an attack due November 5th because of their new policy on censoring of the internet.

Anonymous speaks near the beginning of the video about one of their members, The Messiah.
A very legitimate hacker who has already proved himself. Here’s what he’s been up to:

Here’s an article in today’s Singapore Business Times about the threat that is due today, November 5th. The Government’s efforts to step up security shows they are taking the Anonymous Group threat seriously.

There has also been threat here in Australia to the Queensland State Government and Premier Campbell Newman about their new policy on Bikey Gangs. The Anonymous message is that the policy is not specifically about Bikey Gangs but is very vague and sweeping in who it applies to. This has much deeper connotations that could be used to limit the freedom of the general populace in an infinite number of ways which the Group opposes.

Here’s the video from Anonymous Australia:

And then, of course, you have those who take a more humorous approach to get the message across:

How does Anonymous affect us?

I expect it will cause disruption in many minds for many reasons. For some, it will be scary that their own personal secrets or involvement in what’s going on behind closed doors will be exposed. Hey, if the spies have been watching us all the way along then the only people who don’t care about being watched are those who are behaving themselves and conforming.

There will be those who approve of the spying efforts. After all, I’m sure the anti-terrorist associations of the world have stopped an untold amount of terrorist threats they never told us about. If we really knew how many potential disasters they’d stopped we’d all run around completely paranoid at the possibilities. So being able to spy has had an advantage to the populace in this way.

The line gets crossed once that information is used for purposes other than to prevent one person hurting the next.

Also, the question has to be asked What is the definition of a Terrorist? That is completely subjective and entirely depends on your opinion of the Cause. If you’re against their Cause they are a Terrorist. If you agree with them, they are your Hero. It’s all a matter of perspective.

There will be those who disapprove of the Anonymous tactics. The Group may have a noble cause but how they create the chaos to bring about change may threaten to cost lives and, at the very least, a huge inconvenience to many for a period of time.

Then, there will be those who are just generally scared of anyone who sounds threatening and uses dramatic music in their YouTube videos. Regardless of whether the group is doing it for you or against you, it still feels unsafe and threatens to cause change which is something Humans get uncomfortable about no matter how good the prospects could be once the change has happened.

My worry is that because the group is literally anonymous, basically anyone can join the group and, as was pointed out in that intro video in my first link, you could get some nutter with their face mask on rushing about shooting people in the name of Anonymous which is specifically NOT on the Group’s agenda.

This could easily be used by big business and Government to turn the populace against Anonymous. Hey, the Governments themselves could hire someone to put on a mask and shoot “on behalf of the group”. So the group will need to be just as focussed on the behaviour and hidden agendas of their own individual members as much as the Governments and Institutions they are trying to change. Eyes in the back of their heads.

Using the media to turn the populace against the group might look fairly easy because, let’s face it, generally the populace are not very good at thinking for themselves.

In fact, it would be horrifying to stop and actually look at how big a percentage of the world’s population – particularly those in “developed” countries – have their personal opinions only drawn from a limited and biased supply of media.

All the studies I did last year, much of which you will find on this site, say the World has now passed the tipping point in our Shift or change in consciousness. We are moving into a totally different way of living.

Now do you believe me? This isn’t woo-woo theory after all.

Spiritual stuff is very much linked with the physical world. In fact, the physical world is only a subset of the spiritual world. It cannot be separated.

What can we do to make the wisest decisions ourselves?

It’s time to start listening inside for our answers as to what feels like the truth.

It’s time to reassess what our own unbiased opinions are after seeing all of the evidence, not just one side of it from traditional media.

Where does your conscience lead you?

Throw away all your old beliefs and lessons. The sides you took. The labels you put on your forehead. These were from the old paradigm and are no longer useful. Sometimes you’ll come to the same answers anyway. Other times you may be surprised at yourself as to what your new decisions are.

Relax, breathe and don’t think or analyse too much. Just let the answers dawn on you.

Start with a blank canvas and ask what would benefit the Human Race as a species?

Because that’s what we are. A species. Much divided at the moment and thus weaker than we could be.

We need to admit we allowed that to happen in the past, then forgive ourselves for the role we played and find a suitable way forward that benefits the species rather than just a few.

What’s your view?

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