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Creative Executive Coaches for Entrepreneurs Sydney Australia

Welcome to the Kitegirl Coach website.
I am Annabelle Drumm and I work as a
Business Coach, Moderator and Trainer
for established Entrepreneurs and
Creative Professionals around the world.
I am based in Sydney Australia
coaching locally and internationally.


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World Shift in Collective Consciousness

Fast tracking the World Shift in Consciousness


What her Clients say…

“I engaged Annabelle to help take my business to the next level and she has delivered. Massively. I recently completed her 12 week coaching program and this quarter my business has turned over revenue 4.5 times more than average. Next quarter is shaping up as having similar improvements…”
“It’s so easy to let ourselves ‘off the hook’ so to speak – to let that dream go – to put off the practical endeavour which would bring about the outcomes we’re looking for- to look after that other project first and put our own dreams aside. Annabelle’s process helped me become accountable for the first time to my own self. It held me gently to my own agendas. I so appreciated her non- judgemental encouragement, her insight, wisdom and courage…”


“Annabelle is highly creative with strong analytical skills. Even after the first session she will knows your personality more than you which makes her unique. She always comes up with Magical solutions. After adopting her coaching recommendations your career will be flying in no time…”

Spirituality and Law of Attraction Business Coach


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