03 Sep 2012

You can never have what you want

03 Sep 2012

Neale Donald WalschA dear friend of mine visited the Hayhouse I Can Do It conference two weekends ago and was very impressed with Neale Donald Walsch as a speaker. He is the author of what has become a series of books on Conversations with God. These are conversations he literally has where he speaks the question and he hears the answers in his mind in his own voice. (I have only experienced this once. I thought it was pretty weird but then decided it would have been weirder if the words had been heard in someone else’s voice!)

I couldn’t find the book in the local book store so hired a DVD from the rental place called the same “Conversations with God“. It dramatised his story of how these conversations started. The incredible “Fall and Rise” of Neale is definitely worth viewing.

One small sentence in that movie, that no doubt is in the book, was this. (Forgive me if it’s para-phrased.)

You can never have what you want.

It was very quickly explained and then the story line moved along but it was a brilliant reminder for me.

What does it mean, you can never have what you want?

It’s pure Law of Attraction.

When you spend large amounts of time (and we are often scared to admit how MUCH time we dedicate to it) wanting something. “I really want this. Can I have it? That girl’s got it. I really want it. I want it! I deserve it! I’m just as good as anyone else, why don’t I have it? Why do I never get it? I try so hard. I work so hard. My life is hell without it. Give it to me!”  etc.

Each time you have the thought you “want” or “deserve” something, you are actually confirming in your own mind that you don’t have it.

Big deal! I hear you say. I don’t! That’s the whole friggin’ point!

Ah, but it’s not. Each time you confirm you lack that something then the Universe gives you more LACK of the same in your near future … and your larger future if you continue to think that way. That’s what so many people don’t get about Law of Attraction.

So how should we think about this elusive thing we want?

Step One

The easiest thing to do is to mark it down somewhere. Maybe a vision board, or a box of wishes, a scrapbook of desires, a story about what it would be like to have it… whatever way takes your fancy. Then put it away in the cupboard and leave it there knowing deep inside that every desire you treat this way will come to you.

Giving up desperately wanting and needing it is the first step and I know it sure can be a hard habit to kill.

Step Two

Once it’s there, whenever you think of it and feel that awful pull in your heart or stomach; or that pining/whining/Eeh-aw sounding small-talk start in your head, stop yourself there and then, give a little smile and know that it’s on it’s way. (Don’t tell yourself you know, really know it in your heart.)

Step Three

Don’t set deadlines if you can help it. The Universe will deliver it to you at the perfect time. It knows far better than you when that time should be. Sometimes it is the time you’d quite like it delivered. Sometimes (and often for me) it’s at the very last minute. Sometimes it’s at a different time and only when it arrives will you realise how perfect that timing is. Other times you get something completely different but it matches what you want even better.

Step Four

Keep the faith, man. Once you decide in your head it’s never going to come, chances are you’ll be right because you’ll very powerfully tell the Universe to cancel the plans and don’t bother delivering it. Other times you’ll give up and it will show up soon after. These are the times when you know the “giving up” is actually doing the first step of this process!

Take some time to write out how many things you dwell on wanting but not having and decide to make a change in the way you think about it.

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    Sorry I couldn't connect with Book 1 in the Kindle store. Hopefully it will become available in the future.

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