19 Oct 2012

Work hard

19 Oct 2012

I’ve always been intrigued by the saying: If you work hard you will succeed.

Nothing comes easily. Discipline is the key.
Blood, sweat and tears is the only way to get what you want. Fight and struggle and you’ll be everyone’s hero when you finally reach your dreams.

I know it’s not socially acceptable but I have to say I’ve always disagreed with this.

Not that lying back and dreaming it will necessarily make it happen. For most things you want you still have to get off the couch and move around. I think it’s more the fight and struggle I disagree with.

So many coaching clients come to me physically and mentally in pain. They’ve struggled and fought for what they wanted for years. Improved health, that special someone, that break in their career, a baby, a “successful” business. The more they fight for it the more elusive it appears to be.

So what’s one of the first things I get them to do?

Give up.

That’s right. Give up the fight. Put your fists down. Take the gloves off. Step out of the ring.

You see, Law of Attraction says “Like attracts like”.

The more you point out to yourself in your mind that you’re slaving away and fighting really hard to try to achieve what you want, the more the Universe is going to give you more to fight against. The harder your push yourself in your endeavours the bigger the force of resistance.

Law of Attraction is also about sending your “rockets of desire” out (as Abraham via Esther Hicks says). The instant you think up something new or decide you want something you’ve seen/heard/experienced, it’s yours. Instantly. Then all you have to do is walk down the path, live life, move around, talk to people and all the opportunities you need to make that desire fall into place.

So when people fight and struggle and they finally achieve what they want, they congratulate themselves for putting up such a great fight confirming hard work is the only way, when in fact they could have had that desire a whole lot easier without the fight.

What are you fighting for now?

What are you struggling to be, do or have?

It might be a physical thing, more income, a better relationship, to get over the flu. Or something less tangible like a different personality trait, more talent, a way to get over grudges, a bad habit.

Write it down. Read it again. Think of all the fighting, elbowing and jostling you’ve been doing and how exhausting that is. How much stress did that build inside you?

Good grief. You’ve been pushing so hard it brings to mind the old saying “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” This just isn’t fun anymore!

Now imagine what would it be like to achieve that desire without the fight?

What if you could just live life looking for the opportunities and suddenly you could see them? They weren’t where you expected them to come from. That’s always the way – haha! The Universe has an awesome sense of humor.

The path is most often not the one you expected to get there but now you’ve removed your blinkers and are not single-mindedly focussed on the path you determined, the other paths are revealing themselves.

Multiple paths. Paths that are a whole lot more fun and easy to travel along.

When you give up the big heavy fighting attitude, first of all you’ll be relieved of a lot of stress and start to feel happier.

The happier you feel, the easier you’ll start to flow with life.

The easier you flow, the more amazed you’ll be by how simply you can get to your desires.

The more you notice this, the more enthusiastic you’ll get about achieving more. You’ll ask for more and start to travel down the road with a bounce in your stride.

Then the work you do in achieving those desires is no longer hard. It’s fun. It’s what you do. It’s what you’re here for. You can work long hours and it invigorates you rather than exhausts you.

Do you see the difference?

So give it a shot and see how you go. I’d love to hear your results.

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