03 Oct 2014

When Cheating Will Never Bother You

03 Oct 2014

Channelling Abraham Shift of ConsciousnessI came across this lovely video from channeller Esther Hicks today about the topic of cheating partners. From the higher perspective it is seen that our demand for our partner’s promise to give us all the attention is impossible to keep. What we demand from our partners in terms of loyalty will vary from one couple to the next and is rarely discussed. Is it ok to think about someone else? Is it ok to look at someone else? To admire them? Dream about them? Go talk to them? Flirt a bit?

Even in these very simple questions you will get a varying degree of acceptability and the answers may change over time. You may start off with a partner who is quite happy for you to talk to others and then further down the track they are fiercely jealous of you even having someone smile and say hello to you.

On the other hand you may start off very careful with how you behave in their presence and then, as trust builds, they are more than happy for you to spend lengthy amounts of time with others who might be seen as potential lovers.

The direction evolution is taking us they may eventually be happy to share your sexual attention because it makes you more pleasant to be around. Who knows? It will be different for each of us.

This video talks about finding what makes you happy and not relying on anyone else’s behaviour to make that happen.

When you align with source, tune into your intuition and make it your focus to find happiness within yourself, you become “Uncheatable Uponable” – what a lovely expression.

The word “cheat” itself sounds like a bad thing. If they are spending a lot of time away than at home and are not spending any attention on you at all, maybe it’s time to move on. With happiness within yourself you can easily do that without major strife and be perfectly happy alone until the next partner comes along to enjoy you in a happy state.

Find happiness within yourself and anyone spending time with you becomes a bonus. Your happiness becomes a gift you can share.

Here’s the video below.

See also the article on Monogamy and Polyamory.

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