05 Mar 2013

What is Inspiration?

05 Mar 2013

What is Inspiration?What is inspiration? Where does it come from?

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. From nudging you into a different driving lane on the highway, taking you into a shop where you find just what you’re looking for, through to a jolt from the blue that changes your life forever. It’s crucial if you want life to be relatively easy but can remain elusive when you need it most.

Let’s take a look around at what others say Inspiration is.

The Oxford Dictionary says

1 the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative
2 a sudden brilliant or timely idea
3 the drawing in of breath; inhalation

Middle English (in the sense ‘divine guidance’): via Old French from late Latin inspiratio(n-), from the verb inspirare (see inspire)

Notice that origin. To talk of anything “divine” doesn’t get as big an approval rating from the crowd these days so you have to be careful how you put it.

Atheists say

“They are ideas that just pop into your head. Poof!”

… for an Atheist, no more explanation is necessary.

Church-goers say

“It is the word of God.”

Yet they get a little squeamish having to explain why those from other religions and non-churchgoers also get it.

Ancient Greeks say

it comes from a Muse – a beautiful invisible woman who whispers all your creative ideas into your ear. This makes for a great scape goat. You can say she took off to the beach with her friends for the afternoon when you’re lost for ideas.

Scientists say

“Gosh, isn’t the weather getting extreme?”

Because finding the proof they need to give a fulfilling explanation is still eluding them.

Actually, not completely. Quantum Physicists are well along the track to proving what Spiritual people have been saying all along. Most of them don’t seem brave enough to link Science and Spirituality together lest they get hassled by other scientists (unless they’re Gregg Braden who doesn’t give a hoot) but they are making steady progress.

Let me give you an example.

Quantum Physics tells us that each atom – that’s an original element from the periodic table: iron, carbon, oxygen, gold, hydrogen etc – is 99.99999% (not sure how many 9’s here) made of energy. The “matter”, the actual gold / oxygen / hydrogen or whatever, is just the tiniest size in comparison and is whizzing around bouncing off the inside edges of the atom sphere so fast that we think it’s solid. Fancy that?

Now this energy isn’t ordinary stuff you get out of a power point in the wall. They’ve now completed experiments to prove that this energy in each atom has intelligence which makes decisions and is connected to the energy in the other atoms.

Not just the atoms around them. Not just all the atoms in the world. We’re talking all the atoms in the Universe. Even the “space” between planets is made of this same intelligent energy.

Scientists have experimented with splitting a single piece of light – I’m keeping this in layman’s terms here – sending them off a distance away from each other, then manipulating one part and discovering the other part was affected the same way at the same time. So the intelligent messages don’t “travel” from one atom to the next. They just all know the same thing at the same time. Powerful stuff.

Now, what’s all this got to do with inspiration, you might ask?

Here’s the link

Law of Attraction says

One of the first books I read on Law of Attraction was titled “Ask and it is Given”. Yeh, I know that saying is in the bible but it is also Law of Attraction. (In fact the Bible has heaps of Law of Attraction lessons in it though I believe the context has been lost along the centuries for many of these lessons. e.g. – see Eye for an Eye article.)

Ask – you send out a desire, whether you speak it or just feel it without putting it in words

And it is Given – Providing you don’t cancel it out by confirming the opposite, the “Universe”, or intelligent energy the scientists discovered, gives it back to you.

How does it give it back? It might drop it right in front of you if possible. Or it might set you off on the journey you need to take to get it because, let’s face it, the things we desire can’t always be literally dropped in front of us.

How do we get the message to get started on the journey? It may be an apple falling on your head, the bathwater rising as you lower your body in making you yell “Eureka!”, a bump in the back of your car, a sign you notice on a wall you’re passing that has the words you needed to make your decision.

There are millions of ways the steps along the path can light up but one very important one comes from people. They can say things directly or indirectly to you which influence you (words of encouragement or words of threat both work well in getting your attention) or it may be their actions. What causes all these words and actions? INSPIRATION.

We are all connected and literally made of the same one energy. So we receive these higher messages to do or say what each person around us requires – be that positive or negative.

Negative example

Maybe I hate my boobs. I think about them all the time. They’re too this, too that. They’re just not attractive. Because of that belief, the people I come in contact with, be they my best friend or a perfect stranger, may be inspired to look at them sadly or say something which I interpret as rude giving me all the supposed evidence I was looking for to confirm these boobs are a disaster.

Positive example

Maybe I’m in a great mood (high vibration of happiness is stronger than the lower, slow vibrations) and I’m walking down the road. I’m really in the mood for a coffee but I’m out of cash and the shop I’m passing doesn’t take credit cards for small amounts. A vaguely familiar work associate catches my eye, we stop and get talking. After a few minutes, they are inspired to buy me a coffee.

You see? So inspiration is given in big and small doses to people all day, every day. The only time you reduce your ability to receive inspiration – which is what you need to get going on your journey – is when you allow yourself to get under too much stress or stay in a low vibration mood too often. Low vibrations are feeling despondent, hopeless, angry, sad, depressed, powerless, fearful. All the negative vibes.

How do I get inspired?

  1. Do the opposite! Find ways to boost the amount of time you spend in a good mood. MAKE THE CHOICE to be happy more often. Don’t allow anything to keep you down for long.
  2. Work on reducing your stress. Schedule time in your day to do nothing at all, get out into nature and appreciate it, find reasons to laugh out loud, get enough sleep.

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