27 Dec 2013

What happened to the “End of the World”?

27 Dec 2013

End of the World in Mayan CalendarAlmost a year has passed since the much publicized “end of the world December 21st 2012” event shown on the Mayan Calendar.

Many thought nothing happened and certainly, the sky didn’t fall in, we didn’t all suddenly acquire super powers nor did the baddies of the world all fall into hell on the same day.

You’ve got to admit though, this has been a unique year and things are definitely different.

The spiritual teachers who speak through the many Channellers around the world have confirmed we did indeed pass our tipping point into a new epoch in the way we live, even if it’s hard for most of us to put our finger exactly what changed.

The tipping point actually happened a little later in December than the 21st. From their higher perspective it is so big a tipping point that, looking back in years to come, humanity will re-start our calendar from that moment forward just as we did in restarting the years to number roughly from when Jesus was born. And that, by the way, didn’t happen until 500 years after Jesus once they realised the significance. I expect this time they will stick with the original Mayan 12.21.12 date to celebrate once they renumber.

Let’s take a quick glance at what has changed. Some people will be better at noticing these things than others so don’t feel left out if you didn’t pick up the changes. If you are a very busy or very stressed person, it will take you longer to notice the changes. We are all moving in the right direction though. Nobody will be left behind.

1) The money system

This is still very much in the process of changing. The system we have run for thousands of years with the goal of boosting our wealth and power at the expense of someone else is coming to an end. We can already see clearly that governments around the world who try to keep this old system running are really struggling to care for their own citizens. With a depleted workforce you will never fully realise the potential of what each individual can offer their country or the world at large.

For other countries who have already started to work towards supporting each individual – and it’s usually the smaller countries that are brave enough to try new things – are already seeing the benefits and will serve to be great guinea pigs to the slower countries.

On an individual level many people are turning away from the priority of earning masses of money and focussing more on building a fun, simple, happy life that has deep relationships with the people around them. Ambition is less of a priority and lifestyle is now the focus.

2) Our Governments

There are less and less dictators in the world now as they have continued to reduce over the past few decades. The conscience of the people is turning. More are standing up for their need to remove prejudice and abandon policy that benefits only a small minority at the expense of everyone else. I don’t know how long it will take but we can look forward to panels of wise souls who will govern in the future and dissolve our countries’ borders so we can live where we most feel at home with similar rights, no prejudice and all our basic needs met. The length of time to change this will depend on how each of us tackle the issue. We know this is where we are heading but how long it take is completely up to us.

3) Secrets

Technology has been the great assistant in opening out secrets we didn’t know about before on an international level, as well as an individual level. Although there is criticism about privacy issues, let’s face it, if you’re behaving ethically you generally don’t have anything to worry about. In the end all secrets will be revealed so if you have something to hide, I would suggest finding a way to bring it out in the open yourself rather than being exposed by someone else when they are ready.

This, I believe is what “enlightenment” is all about. It’s not getting all happy and smiley with no wars or crime. It’s about having light shone in the dark corners where things have been hidden for a long time either deliberately or our own sub conscious refusing to look at the mess in the corner. Seeing everything, nasty and nice, helps us to get a broader perspective and decide if we are happy living in the mess or if we want to clean it up.

4) The weather

Climate change has been in the media a lot more as the violent weather and earthquakes get more extreme. Our governments are working towards reducing the wear and tear on our planet and cleaning up our act (though I have concern about how little the new Australian government is keen to co-operate with this).

Our spiritual teachers confirm that treating our planet better, cleaning up the air, the earth and sea will help but, the weather will only calm down to a manageable state once we Humans dissolve our differences and our borders, then start to treat each other as a single species in harmony with the planet we live on.

Scientists have only just begun to research the link between human consciousness and the weather patterns so I expect we will see their evidence in the near future.

5) Moving into the 4th and 5th dimensions

You’ve probably felt a great amount of turmoil and challenges this year. Like a massive spring clean in your head and maybe even your body. We’ve been told time and space are slowly dissolving. All our past lives are melting into the one life like a sonic boom. So you may have found times when you felt incredible anger, fear, anxiety, hopelessness or confusion pouring out of you for no big enough reason.

Just feel it at the time, keep yourself and others around you safe, nurture yourself and let it pass. These outpourings are temporary. If you block them they will fight you. If you express them, then rest and heal, you will evolve more quickly.

The confusion may also cause you to lose your ambitions, lose track of goals you’ve been striving towards and question the way in which you’ve been living or what you’ve been putting up with.

Another thing you may have noticed is forgetting much of what’s happened in the past. Don’t criticize yourself for this.  It helps us get rid of our baggage and brings us more powerfully into the present moment.

The present moment is the only moment we are actually living after all.

In my Kitegirl Stress Relief course I taught more on how to do this. In hindsight I now see that work was some of the most powerful I could possibly teach. It really is the essential to get through this crazy change period with your sanity still intact.

Moving into a 5th dimension world is such a big topic I think I might expand on it further so feel free to leave me any questions you have about it in the comments section below and I’d be happy to share what I know with you.

Summing Up

Each of us can make a difference in our own small way to moving through the end of the old world and into the new one. Be strong in your commitment to a calmer world for each step you take ripples out and affects all around you including people, plants, animals, technology and the earth itself.

Make the most of your Christmas this year to forgive those who hurt or offended you, to face consequences and make amends where you went wrong and to show your appreciation for those who stuck by you through this crazy year.

2014 will be filled with more change. When you let go of your old stories of the past and live in the present moment, life is going to start opening up in a beautiful way.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for reading my articles. I hope they are of service to you.

Annabelle 🙂

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