29 Jan 2013

Weather conditions worsen

29 Jan 2013

Queensland flood“Half on fire, half under water.” That’s how the postman so aptly put it outside my house this morning. Australia’s seen all extremes lately with record high temperatures, out of control bush fires, widespread floods and multiple tornados assaulting the land. If you look all around the world the weather this season has had more extremes than ever before.

It’s seems rather hilarious to me that there are still stalwarts out there saying “Hey, it’s Summer/Winter. It’s always like this and we don’t believe in climate change.” After so many years of scientists beating their heads against a brick wall showing us that our irresponsible and wasteful way of living needs a makeover, I have to wonder how extreme it needs to get before the stalwarts will be enlightened to the idea, not only that things are changing but, that we can actually do something about it.

We no longer need to live in the Dark Ages where we believe everything that happens is beyond our control. That solar eclipses, droughts and floods are the Gods punishing us for one reason or the other.

Yes, there are very natural reasons for the climate change including the position of our solar system relative to the Milky Way which comes around every 5,000 years. There are reasons the scientists have given us including the pollutants we pump into the air, the amount of concrete surfaces reflecting heat compared to how a tree/grass absorbs it and general “human warming” from dense populations (see article below from LA Times).

One thing that scientists have not yet addressed – possibly because they don’t know how to measure it or possibly because it’s just too odd-ball for anyone to accept results from – is how much we as a species affect the planet with our ‘vibe’.

You’ve seen it on the small scale of your own circle of influence. When you’re having a bad day worrying about things, feeling a lack of control or being angry, the world around you seems to conspire against you. All the traffic lights are red, you spill toothpaste down your shirt, you get a flat tyre, your computer won’t work, you get abused for no apparent reason, you burn your hand on the jug. The more angry you get, the worse it gets.

This is not a coincidence! What’s more, you multiply that by several billion people in the world who are worrying how they’ll pay the bills, angry at their lack of control over so many areas of life, fearful of rising crime rates, depression and fear over what the future holds; think about what that does to the physical world in terms of stuff going wrong and breaking down. In high density populations where we affect each other simply by standing nearby and the problem is multiplied many times over. Extending that theory to affecting the weather, you’ll find, is not that big a stretch.

Neale Donald Walsch’s work tells us more evolved societies beyond our planet regularly control the weather and temperature with their minds. If they can, why can’t we? The Law of Attraction tells us we are only limited by our imagination.

If we believe it’s not possible, then it’s not possible. Why not question that belief just like we questioned whether we could find a way to fly, cure Small Pox or talk to someone who is many miles away?

What would happen if we brought together the most spiritually powerful minds in the world to slow down cyclones, raise the temperatures where there is a blizzard or do a rain dance where there is drought? What if all we needed was a really large group of moderately powerful minds who’s belief was strong enough?

Your thoughts become reality.

So let’s make the reality we want. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Weather in Climate around the world

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