05 Nov 2012

WARNING worldwide predictions – Part IV

05 Nov 2012

Part IV of Session
5 November 10.30am Sydney Australia time
A = Annabelle Drumm
M = Mercredan as channeled by Francis Evans.

NB – you will find comments about my personal life in here as well. I have been told that personal emotions and conflict often reflect the larger world picture and will resonate with a lot of others feeling the same way around the world right now anyway, so I am happy to share them with you.

Part IV of IV


A: Oh, ok. So I understand what you are telling me about the Northern Hemisphere. What about us here down in the Southern Hemisphere.

M: Let us say much of the South is more protected because it is far less populated. Then so many from the North will of course converge and move to the Southern parts of the globe as such. And much will be necessary to bring them into alignment. You understand?

A: You mean internal climate sort of alignment?

M: That is correct. Let us say much give and take because unlike other migratory patterns this is much more organized.

A: So the mini Ice Age won’t take over in a quick period? We will have time to, ah…

M: Let us say very quick.

A: Oh

M: Such an Ice Age will occur in such a fashion that it will not be named as such for years after it has approached.

A: So will it just look like an extremely bad winter to them?

M: That is correct.

A: Right

M: Much like your storm is simply a worse storm than previous, you understand?

A: Yes

M: And one can blame the moon, the stars, the elves …

A: (laughs)

M: rather than take on responsibility.

A: Well most people cannot see the connection there.

M: Of course. You understand? Humans have to wake out and as I have pointed out before, so many will not be ready for such an awakening.

A: And will they move on if they are not ready? Or will they just take longer to get there?

M: Let us say so many will in your terms complete the lifetime.

A: Yes. Um, wow. You have given me a great picture today. I’m trying to… Process it and understand what more I can do myself. I mean I can’t just sit here and yell and scream that everybody should migrate to Australia but um…

M: Let us simply say one puts one’s house in order.

A: Yes

M: That’s always been the message from all the authorities. (I would say this is the World’s spiritual Authorities rather than government.) You understand?

A: Yes indeed.

M: Everybody is asked to put their own place in order. To be in a prepared state of mind. Why does one think of this as being on the table as it were for such a period of years? As if leadership do not know what is happening? Of course, it is well understood. However, all leadership must be wary of creating panic.

A: Yes

M: You understand? Otherwise you will unleash, of course, that which cannot be stopped.

A: No, I understand that.

M: And that is the picture as it is. How does one prepare each individual phase for this particular event? Because you are rapidly approaching the coming dates, as you are aware of, and so much intensity has been put into these spaces as it were.

A: Yes… I feel silly that all I am thinking of right now is my upcoming trip to America in 3 or 4 weeks. I am wondering if I will make it back.

M: Let us say this. Remember as I have said, the Books are allegorical statements of the impending shifts (This is the Bible). And first of all is what is called the birth of the Christ Child. That is an important event marked, shall we say, in the right part of the calendar. You understand what I am mean? So this tells you that the new Birth Child, that is the new era, the new epoch begins

A: In that time of year.

M: At that time of year. At, more than ever, that specific moment in time. So one has to remember that is when the ultimatum begins.

A: Wow, ok. On that particular date?

M: Let us say on that particular date is the beginning. It will take a few days to reach it’s intensity. It will take a few more days for the impact to be recognized. I have said all along first comes the darkness, that is what is to be found and your city lights have shown what darkness is like. You understand what I mean?

A: My city lights have shown what darkness is like?

M: Let us say that territory that has suffered. (New York during Hurricane Sandy)

A: Oh yes!

M: The city lights have shown what darkness can be like.

A: Yes yes

M: And so it is important that one is prepared all over your planet for such an event. Some may not have to go through that but in the majority many will.

A: Yes. And again, how can I possibly warn anybody. Why would they listen to me?

M: That is the point. Only those that are ready will of course awaken. Only those who are willing will dig into their inner beings and ask themselves “Does this resonate?” Are they certainly about to come off their high spiritual horses and jump down on to the ground? Preparations are not to take one off the planet unless you are preparing to complete a lifetime. You understand? Of course if you are prepared to give that up, one will be lifted to the appropriate levels of consciousness you have arrived at.

A: So the people that are finishing now… they will complete. Is that what you’re saying? They’re not going to be…

M: To a large extent human kind live in the world of confusions and denials. In the general sense. So how can anyone in such a state be able to choose consciously? The choices then are at the unconscious levels.

A: Yes. It makes my Stress course feel all the more important now! (this is the new Stress Relief online video course I’ve recently launched)

M: Of course. Everything takes it’s place. Nothing should be taken as generating panic because panic will only produce the very opposite effect.

A: Yes, more confusion.

M: Thinking and preparation are what are called for, not to panic.

A: So, in preparation, what is the short list? What is the most important things people can prepare. Aside from their own conscious self in getting rid of their own personal baggage and calming down…

M: I want to say first of all, most important, depending on which part of the planet you are on, food and water and of course, a source of heat for enough time. Let us say 6 or 7 days, that is one week essentially.

A: Oh that is not so bad.

M: That is not so bad. Let us say then it might take another week for restoration of all places. Not outside of what you have already experienced. So 2 weeks is minimal then, as we say an extra week, that is 3 weeks, of enough drinking water, cooking water, food and enough heating. The rest you can hardly do much about. A good torch, a light. The basics that you would need. A cooking device not connected to the system. You understand all of the very basics. Then you are able to sit it out as it were and wait and in your own way build your tribe

A: So if it is a short…. Oh, you are speaking about me?

M: I want to say for all people no matter where. These are the basics.

A: But if this is a short period of 3 weeks, why would people migrate to the other side of the world? Is it that it will not defrost?

M: That is the point. There will need to be a change in the way in which human kind interrelate. That is what I am saying. And I have already pointed out, one scenario is that, one attitude, one way of thinking produces that. The other is quite different. The other one begins to realise the nature of human beings is not independent as such, but interdependent.

A: Yes.

M: So that one builds one’s family. That is those to whom you are completely open and honest. Then one’s community, one’s tribe, one’s nation and so on. Nothing then has changed in the message that is unification and acceptance of human difference compassion for those with less. Some people have less possessions, some have less models. Some people have less intelligence. Some people have less skills as so it goes. Compassion for those with less.

A: Yes. And do you feel that will automatically grow in people through these events?

M: In a certain sector. And of course in the other sectors it will take time.

A: Yes

M: I want to say the denial is that there is an escape hatch, an escape clause, a way out that will not bring any of it and you can continue on without too much disruption? I have to say your particular storm in this time demonstrates the cost, the long term cost of taking no action at an earlier date. So you have not been committed to social change, results are chaos. Just like so many people think that they can mistreat the body and escape the health consequences. Of course not. Then when the consequence hits, one has to change the life patterns.

A: Yes

M: And such is the same. The planet is a living being and that has always been the case. The results of mistreating the body of the planet is the consequences. The natural results. 

A: Yes I understand. Well I will try to get the word out as best I can. And as you say I have to trust that the people who need to hear it, who are ready to hear it, will hear it.

M: I want to say you will be surprised because as you work in this field there comes a tipping point like everything. Then natural leadership emerges and the followers begin to follow.

A: OK I will trust in that process then.


… the session continued on a more personal note so we will finish here.

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What do you think?

Here is the original time Mercredan spoke of needing 3 weeks worth of supplies back in June this year.

Don’t let anyone convince you to ignore this simply because it doesn’t come from a physical live human expert with letters after their name. It is precisely BECAUSE it’s not come from a physical source that I trust it. During our sessions which we have done roughly once every two weeks since November 2011 there is no judgement, no sensationalism, very little emotion, actually. It benefits no one to tell us something that is not true, much less the channeller or myself who wear our heart on our sleeves by confiding this to you.

PLEASE SHARE THE MESSAGE. Let the cynics be satisfied only once we have passed through the Northern Winter.

If they’re right, so be it, we apologise. You’ll have some extra food and water to use up through the second quarter of 2013.

If they’re wrong, then Francis and I may be saving some lives – even one would be good – by having you prepared. Is it your life we will save?

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  1. Susan Worth November 21st, 2012 1:49PM

    In this session with Francis, when you were discussing the timeline for the beginning of the new epoch, Mercredan said, “At that time of year. So one has to remember, that is when the ultimatum begins.” Do you know what he meant by “the ultimatum”?

    • Kitegirl November 21st, 2012 4:47PM

      Hi Susan,
      It’s not completely clear but I suspect it’s similar to the crossroads he talks about us continually coming to.
      We have a choice between Unity or Self protection. This applies to us as a whole planet but also individually.
      We will each get to the point where we have to choose and he says those who choose Self protection will not last long.

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