21 Jan 2013

Video: Mercredan on Obama Second Term

21 Jan 2013

Francis Evans, Annabelle Drumm on Mercredan TVToday we recorded and broadcast live the first episode for 2013 on the Mercredan TV YouTube channel. It was nice getting back into the conversation. Mercredan gave us a very positive and hopeful vision of the future and confirmed we are indeed past the tipping point of the Shift in Consciousness marked on the Mayan Calendar. Things can only get better! Woohoo!

Points to note:

1) Shift of Consciousness has happened! We have indeed past the tipping point.

2) Every positive person meditating has the power to balance 99 negative people.

3) Accountability for sports people, businesses, politicians and all of us on every level of society will become more common and transparent. The Shift will move all to a more honourable way of living and playing.

4) Obama’s second term will be much braver in administering new policy. It will cause those who wish to avoid investigation to “scurry like rats” leaving only respectable and high integrity individuals in office.

5) See your enemies simply as having a different perspective to your own. We all essentially want the same thing in the end.

6) Confirming the link between collective consciousness, the economy and worldwide extreme weather.

Video is 37 minutes.
We aim to broadcast roughly a half hour show each week at the same time.
New Zealand Monday 12.30pm Daylight saving
Australia Monday 10.30am Daylight saving
Los Angeles Sunday 3.30pm
New York Sunday 6.30pm
London Sunday 11.30pm

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