03 Mar 2013

Video Mercredan TV: Don’t turn your back on your Country

03 Mar 2013

Francis Evans Mercredan Annabelle DrummEpisode 11 of Mercredan TV. The main message in this episode is that every day more and more people are turning to Spirituality looking for their most genuine self and finding their answers inside rather than relying on others to decide things for them which may not be in their best interests.

In this change of focus, many have turned their backs on the commercial world of politics, business and economy. Even turning off the news at night. This leads to smiley faces but unfortunately leaves those in charge of such important topics to do as they please with little resistance. Running the economy and political worlds the way it’s always been done before is no longer working. New ideas, new systems, new concepts need to be found in order to prevent us all from sinking into the biggest depression ever and in order for that to happen, we the people need to keep an eye on the systems and speak up when what is happening doesn’t feel like it’s in the interest of the majority but only benefiting a few.

So, don’t turn away from your community, your country or the people who you feel are not keeping up with your personal spiritual progress. (I see this snobbery in way too many areas.) Put your feet on the ground and stand up for how you want this world to run.

Video is 30 minutes. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for weekly broadcast.

In case you haven’t seen this type of show before, let me explain. Francis Evans is a Master Channeller with over 30 years experience. For these shows he channels (i.e. allows another entity to speak through his body) Mercredan, an entity high enough to see and understand 13 dimensions (apparently 6 dimensions is all we humans are capable of understanding at this stage) who teaches us about human behaviour, the Shift in Consciousness and all the major changes happening on the planet today. Francis also does private sessions if you want to understand more about yourself, the people around you, your past lives or the world in general. Bookings here:

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