08 Jan 2013

Video interview: Lisa Gibson author of book Releasing the Chains

08 Jan 2013

 Today I interviewed Lisa Gibson, author of the newly launched book ‘Releasing the Chains: Timeless Wisdom on How to Forgive Anyone for Anything’.

She tells us about her extraordinary personal interview with Gaddafi in which she forgave him for killing her brother in the Lockerbie bombing, talks about the effects of not forgiving and one of the most difficult steps of forgiveness.

The book launches January 8, 2013 and if you go on that day to and buy the book there, you’ll get over $1000 worth of bonuses along with the book. That includes 2 free tracks from my upcoming meditation CD ‘4 Minute Break: Water’ which will be released in the next few weeks.

After that date you can buy the book from her regular site or through the Amazon links below.

Buy the book here on

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