Thank you!

Career directionHey, congratulations in making a great move to step closer to your dream job!

Give yourself a pat on the back for being brave and taking a seat in the Master Class.

Thanks so much for joining Dream Job Startup.

We get to work together now – Hurray!

1) Once your payment is processed, Paypal will send you a receipt. Please keep this on file somewhere you can find it in case we need to refer to it again later.

2) I am working manually on processing new members in the Immersion so within the next 24 hours I will email you all the details you need of what time the calls are, where to call and what you’ll need.

The coaching sessions will be approx 90 minutes and the daily motivation calls will be around 15 minutes. You’ll get a recording of each call so you can listen to them later if you miss one.

The motivation calls are a great way to get you focussed at the beginning of any day in the future too so, you might like to keep the links handy.

If you need to email me about anything to do with the course use this email or phone me on +61 2 8205 7639 during normal working hours in Sydney Australia. (Don’t ring in the middle of the night – I ain’t answering!)

Meanwhile, if you’re not a subscriber, use the box at the top of the column on the right so we can keep in touch with articles and new deals you might like.

Keep an eye out for the email. I’m so looking forward to working with you!


Annabelle 🙂


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