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world shift in consciousness mindfulness tutorI’m Annabelle Drumm based in Sydney Australia. I run this site you’re visiting now and the @kitegirlcoach Twitter account.

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You can read my career bio here on LinkedIn but I’ll give you a quick summary about who I am.

I’m originally from New Zealand but have been living here in sunny Sydney with my two beautiful sons since 2001.

I work as a Business Coach and Consultant for C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities established in creative industries like Media, Entertainment, Hospitality, Writing, Events and Advertising.

Take a look at the blog and you will find the best way to describe me is that I am an Explorer. Ever since my darling friend Marissa handed me “The Secret” back in 2007 everything changed for me. All the questions I’d asked myself for which I couldn’t find the answer bubbled up to the surface.

The Secret book was just scraping the surface of the rules of Law of Attraction. I could see it was just the basics but, what caught my attention was how people from many different areas of life – science, religion, eastern and western practices – all were saying the same thing. There had to be more to this!

Since then I’ve studied advanced Law of Attraction technique and expand my learning from basic Human behaviour into high perspective views on how the Human Species and Planet Earth as a whole is changing. This is a one-off change. A World Shift in Consciousness. Not something that comes in cycles.

How we are changing is heading towards a completely different way of living. A new Epoch so important that, in the future, they will restart their calendars to number zero from this very moment.

My exploring took me into writings from ancient civilisations to quantum physics discoveries, devil worship books, spiritual guides that appeared to be raving lunatics and everything in between. I also discovered the world of modern Channelling, a practice which has seen a resurgence in acceptability not seen since Old Testament times.

The skill of Channelling is being able to put aside your ego and allowing another entity to speak through you which allows you to learn from those much wiser than the Humans on the planet. I don’t do the Channelling myself but prefer to be the interviewer asking the questions and then being able to interpret the learnings for others.

How do I know when I’m listening to something wise or rubbish? Simple. I listen to my intuition. If you put aside all your preconceived beliefs, opinions and thought patterns, then listen inside, you can tell if the information rings true.

What’s interesting is when you set aside your judgements and listen purely for the truth, that lesson may come from some great higher Being or from a child. They don’t have to have letters after their names or be revered by anyone else in the world. When you know you’re hearing the truth, you just know.

That’s the way it rolls.

You’ll get your messages in life, your greatest teachings, the thing you most need to hear right now, from ANYWHERE, even a song on the radio. Don’t assume it can only come from a source you already respect. Be open to the messages passing in front of you all day, everyday, be discerning and you’ll learn quickly.

SO, my blog is about helping you shift along with the larger planetary change.

When you feel all confused, anxious, just not feeling right, you know you’re fighting against the larger change. The knowledge in this blog can help you ease your old ways of being and find how to go with the flow again.

Check out my home study program in Stress Management for many of these concepts. It’s a unique course.

I aim to collect the information on the blog as I study it and then chunk it down into practical ways you can incorporate it into your life. What you see here is only the stuff that feels like truth to me. You don’t see the half of it! I will only report on what is in sync with the main message.

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