06 Oct 2012

The truth about Time Management

06 Oct 2012

Time management tips and helpYou may already use To Do lists, prioritising, day planners and all sorts of tools to keep you on schedule and yet, more recently, time just feels like it’s slipping through your fingers.

Jobs take way longer than you expected.
You’re not getting as much done each day.
Other people are not completing what you could normally expect.

Where on Earth is time going?

The broader explanation for time apparently shrinking is that we are heading towards a great World Shift in Consciousness. This is what the Mayans identified as being around December 21, 2012 though no date is actually set for this event. We understand it is roughly expected anytime between the end of the year and around March 2013.

You can see proof of preparation for this Shift already. People are calling more loudly for equality in terms of freedom, wealth distribution, power distribution and accountability. Information is “leaked” as those in the know clear their conscience about what they have witnessed. Many high level changes are happening in the world in terms of commerce and politics.

But also the change is happening on the more personal level of addictions being cleared, people questioning who they really are and what they’re here for.

In order for us to get to this point of shift, time is literally speeding up. This is where you get to take a great sigh of relief and see it’s not you becoming less efficient.

Time, apparently will continue to keep speeding up until the moment of Shift so if you think you’re struggling with getting stuff done at the moment, just wait for another month and the problem will be even bigger!

What can we do about it?


1) Calm the hell down

Give up seeing it as a problem, it will only raise your stress levels. It’s just the way it is.


2) Lighten your load

If you aim to get just a few specific things done you can be satisfied at the end of the day that you completed your goals. In The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, I call him the master of Time Management, he suggests maximum 3-4 items on your To Do list for the day only. Then, if you complete it early you can look to what else needs to be done.


3) Serious prioritising

If you thought you were good at prioritising before, now is the time to really hone your skills. And, I’m talking really serious priorities. Not what other people want you to do but what is most important for you, your wellbeing, your health, your relationships. If you took the scenario of all those disaster movies that gave you 48 hours to do everything before the world ends (bad pun I know, considering so many have mis-interpreted December 21st as the end of the world) would you spend it finishing paperwork? No. Call your mother and tell her you love her. Play with your kids. Sleep more. Get a massage if you need it. Stop putting this stuff off.


4) Wake up and smell the roses

As time speeds up the best skill you can learn is to live in the present. What does this mean? It means don’t waste your time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Pay attention to all that’s happening right now. Notice the beautiful colors around you – even if they are traffic lights. Compliment a man on his tie or a woman on her dress. Listen to the birds in the trees. Stop talking or watching television during meals and really notice the taste, smell and texture of your food when you eat it. Use all your senses to notice and be grateful for the good stuff around you. That is living in the present moment. Because once time speeds to the point of non-existence the only moment you can be in is now… and now… and now.


If you’ve not practiced living in the now when the Shift comes, you’ll be in for quite a shock. ‘Might as well get used to it today, don’t you think?

We live in a time of unprecedented change on this planet and riding on top of the change is the only way to live.  Go with the flow, man.

So what will you do today to enjoy living in the present moment?


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