16 Oct 2014

The Secret of Adam and Eve

16 Oct 2014

brain thinking intuition consciousnessMany of the marvellous channellers we have in the world tell us that the Bible is filled with stories told metaphorically or symbolically. Adam and Eve is no exception and here is my spin on the story.

Adam and Eve represent the masculine and feminine of Humanity. What’s most important is the shift in their mindset between where they started in the story and where they moved to – i.e. out of the Garden of Eden.

What is Sin?

The word ‘sin’ shows up in this story and has been interpreted in many different ways. The best representation I can find so far is that ‘sin’ means to be out of alignment.

When you are in alignment with Source/God/Allah/the Universe or whatever you choose to call that superior being, you are completely connected. You are feeling fully loving, giving, peaceful, serene… all the good stuff. If you are completely connected in a spiritual sense then you are living in the Present moment with your intuition fully operational in open communication. Babies and small children generally start this way. Their psychic abilities are keen and they even when they can’t understand your words they read your vibe instead.

Whenever you are out of alignment, ie. feeling all those negative emotions, then you are ‘in sin’. The goal is to spend as little time as possible living ‘in sin’ and finding your way back to aligning with peace and love.

Self Consciousness

Adam and Eve start out the story with no self-consciousness. They are happy to wander around in the nude. They are not embarrassed, not critical of themselves, just hanging… bad pun perhaps. So being “not self-conscious” means they are not self aware. They are just One with the Universe. One with Source.

When you are One with something you are not anything in comparison. The book Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1 speaks of this being like a little candle in the Sun. Yes, the candle is light but the sun is light too so it can’t distinguish itself from the Sun. It’s just a part of it.

So the Sun suggests the candle go into the dark to experience what dark is in order to know itself as “light”.

I think the Adam and Even story is representative of the same experience for Humans.

Finding Knowledge

The apple is offered from the Tree of Knowledge. It is ‘sinful’ to eat from the Tree – to take in the knowledge.

What do you normally do with knowledge? You store it in your brain. You analyse it, take it apart, come to a conclusion and then use the knowledge to do stuff, make stuff, react or have an opinion.

This thinking with the brain is very different from using your intuition and there are major problems with it.

For example, you may not have all the facts and base your decisions or beliefs on what evidence you’ve got, leaving you with a decision which is not ‘wise’ or beneficial.

And, if you think about it, we Humans have made all sorts of bad, unwise decisions for such a long time because we either didn’t have all the facts, we over-analysed or overlaid our fears and doubts over the top of the information and came out with an irrational conclusion.

So it’s possible that once we started relying on our brain rather than our intuition, this is what made us ‘sinners’. People who were out of alignment and just not happy any more. I know that sounds rather simplistic but this extraordinary Shift in Consciousness we are going through right now gives us the opportunity to make our way back to being in alignment.

More on Intuition

Intuition comes in through the Pineal Gland, a pea sized, pine cone shaped gland in the centre of your brain about level with your “third eye” – makes sense then why some cultures see this as our eye to wisdom.

See this article for how the Pineal Gland relates to the Egyptian Eye of Horus.

The Pineal has been underrated for such a long time, yet many know all about its power and why it is there. Take a look at the staff the Pope carries – there’s a pineal symbol on the top. The Vatican even has a statue with a pine cone on the top.

When you look at a baby in their first few months of life there is a soft spot on their head directly above the Pineal and apparently, as babies and young children, we are far more psychic and intuitive.

Before we thought too much – think of a little child – we have no self consciousness. We are happy to run around in the nude as well. We don’t judge our bodies or anyone else’s. We just look for the fun and light side of life.

That Pineal is working beautifully and continues to do so until our well-intentioned elders teach us we need to learn to think to solve problems or to learn knowledge at school. Here begins our mis-alignment.

Not to worry about the past though. Let’s focus on being present, caring for our bodies and minds, reducing our stress and finding more ‘lightness’ in our lives we start to evolve.

I’ve certainly found that spending more time in the present and giving up the mind chatter actually expends very little energy. It sounds a little dull but when you open your intuition and kick that Pineal back into action you get all the queues you need for the day and actually forget less things that you might have on a regular busy day.

A timely lesson

Several Channelled entities have said that the Bible, Koran… basically all our religious scriptures were written just for the last 5000 years of growth. Now we’ve passed through the December 2012 turning point they will soon no longer be needed. Even the Dalai Lama has announced he will have no successor.

Humans are not very good at letting stuff go. We are proud to hold on to our family traditions. You can see already though, that many religions are currently questioning what their scriptures hold and how much of it they should follow word for word.

My view is that tuning into intuition without letting our fears, old beliefs and doubts sully the message – that takes some practice – is the key to personal evolution from here forward to find our way back to the Garden of Eden and make our own lives on Heaven on Earth.

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