05 Dec 2012

The Right To Pure Drinking Water

05 Dec 2012

Back in sunny Sydney and looking at my recent trip to USA, the thing that really stood out for me in terms of living standards was the quality of the water.

Admittedly I only visited Pennsylvania and New York (and California last trip) but each time I came out of the shower my eyes were red and burning.

What the hell are you putting in your water supply, guys??? It smells bad, it tastes bad, it looks cloudy. No wonder everyone who can afford to is reaching for bottled water.

The millions of plastic water bottles that are used to distribute drinkable water does great damage to the environment so you can’t say that’s a viable solution. It’s just not sustainable.

When looking at the extraordinary cashflow in the USA, all the millions of government dollars that get shifted around paying for a plethora of less important expenses, has no one thought to take a small fraction of it and put some effort into completely filtering the water throughout the country?

Because to me, the basics of life have to be:

food, shelter, clothing, clean air and water.

The goal needs to be that everyone in the country has the right to those 5 things. Demanding people pay for the first 3 of those in their most basic terms is not ideal but has to be accepted at this stage.

Air is harder to clean up, though I can see some headway being made which is great.

But surely cleaning up the water supply won’t cost as much as cleaning the air. What percentage of the population have to rely on that tap water to cook and drink? How many toxins and chemicals are in there that are shortening people’s lives? And, what cost to the country does that implicate in terms of medical expenses, sick days, general loss of happiness and wellbeing (which by Law of Attraction draws in the extreme weather, technical system failure and a bundle of other physical problems that no one thinks to connect to the lower vibe of the community.)

It’s time to speak up, people. It’s got beyond acceptable.No one will clean it up for you unless you ask them to.Your right to pure drinking water in your taps needs to be a top priority. It affects the vast majority of the population and being able to access pure water would have extraordinary benefits in all levels of life.

Start the discussion. You deserve the best.

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