01 Oct 2014

The Potential of ISIL Members

01 Oct 2014

Just a quick thought for today. Members of ISIL are attracted together because they have a common hatred. Hatred is based on fear. Many of them will finish this life without resolving that fear but some, who are not quite as hating/fearful as the other members, may be more open to resolving their fears in this lifetime. They have the potential and the choice to see through the fear and make the shift within themselves.

Join me in seeing this potential in your imagination. See them literally “coming to their senses”. See them understanding we are all one single human species.

When we see this potential we give them permission to shift. We aid their transformation. (It’s not just a woman’s prerogative to change their mind. )

They are a small group highlighted by the press. We can choose to focus on them in a way that reduces our own fear and grows love inside ourselves. The waves of that will ripple outwards and create a very different future.

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