13 Sep 2012

The need for food as sustenance

13 Sep 2012

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I did an article on how diets work or don’t work depending on your expectations and how you think about them.

I thought today it would be fun to stretch this Law of Attraction theory to the max. You’ll need an open mind to read on…

Consider this.

How important is food at all? Sure, we’ve eaten it for thousands of years because we believe it is necessary. And many a person has died when they were starving or thirsty.

Let’s take a look at this rare example of a man who doesn’t need food or water. He hasn’t eaten or drunk since he was a child and, in this video from last year he was 82 years old and happy as Larry.



I actually read about this man a wee while ago. The article I read said that the US Army took him to their own secure compound and studied him for several weeks because they wanted to teach their soldiers to survive without food or water in the countries where they were sent.

I thought that was rather hilarious. After all, if they measured the vibrational frequency of this Yogi, which is likely to be extraordinarily high, and then taught their soldiers to vibrate at the same blissful rate, it’s very unlikely any of them would pick up a gun.

Here’s another case of a boy who was 15 at the time and had been meditating for 11 months without the sustenance of food and water.

This one is more an example of judgemental journalism. The documentary makers are determined to look for something sinister, looking for the scam. They have completely skipped over the full spiritual benefits the pilgrims have experienced who come to visit him which may have given them the clue they were looking for. High vibrational frequency.

I love how they use CGI to paint decaying skin on his arms for how he “should” look. haha

Never mind. The fact is here in just two examples – and goodness knows how many undocumented examples – are humans living without food and water.

They are human. So what if we could all do it ourselves?

What if we only got hungry because of we were in the habit of eating food?
What if it was possible that we died only because we expected to?
Because we believed we would die without food and water.
Because we got ourselves into a highly stressed state which, as you know, is never good for your health.

People wither away “from a broken heart” or when they “give up the fight”. What if dying from starvation was the same thing?

I’m not about to try anything crazy and starve myself to test it out and I certainly don’t advise you to do so, either. The vast majority of us are not at a high enough vibration or able to let go of those beliefs in food and water just yet.

It’s possible as we pass through this World Shift in Consciousness (the Mayans pointed to December 21, 2012 to be the turning point), that more of us will vibrate at a higher rate more often thus, no longer needing food, water and maybe even oxygen to live.

It’s certainly food for thought…


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