12 Aug 2014

The Limits of Love

12 Aug 2014

shift of consciousness religion law of attraction mentorWhen you look into the ancient writings of scripture that make up the vast majority of religions in the world, they all have one thing in common. Love. Yet the contemporary way many religions are run seems to make Love conditional.

Rules and limitations are decided and judged by the leaders of the day as to what is acceptable Love and what is not. Who you can love and how you love changes with the times, the leaders, the location and differs even amongst people who use the same religious group name.

One thing that’s just occurred to me, in looking around the world, is that the more rules and limitations there are to Love within a group, the more rebellious and extreme the behaviour. Bad behaviour generally comes from being unhappy.

It’s not gender specific either, for when there are more rules and limitations around women, the men are unhappy too.

The more I learn about Human behaviour the more I understand that the expressions of hate, revenge or prejudice all stem from being unhappy in the first place. When you are happy, at peace and enjoying life, there’s really no reason to point the finger or cause damage to others.

Is it possible this unhappiness comes more from the rules and limitations put around how and who we love?

Many in the Western World believe unhappiness comes from being poor. Yet, there are millions in the world who live very simply without much money and are smiling every day. They have parties, enjoy music, laugh, love.

So it’s not about the money.

I believe it’s about freedom. Freedom to Love.

Love those within your household, your community, your country, the neighbouring country.

Love those who aren’t even from your own group.

We all need love and we all need to love in order to feel fulfilled and happy.

The Shift of Consciousness amongst Humanity is well underway and this question of the limitations around Love is one thing that needs to be purged.

Whether the limitations are set by church, state or family, the majority are already questioning it in their minds.

Why is it someone else gets to decide who and how I love? Why can’t I just do it my way and be happy?

It will take time, of course. Maybe even decades as you let old generations pass on and new generations decide for themselves.

We’ll get to the point where we stop interpreting the old scriptures, bending and twisting their meanings, and get back to basics. Back to love.

Religion can go back to love, right?

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

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