20 Jun 2014

The fear was gone

20 Jun 2014

VIP Coaching Decision MakingName: Arthur
Location: Sydney Australia
Occupation: Client Account Manager

Arthur was stuck on a problem that was shunted into the background as he dealt with more immediate business. Working with Kitegirl Coach he soon recognised this was causing a huge drag on his energy and peace of mind. By taking action on his new found resolve to address the problem he found a vastly improved state of mind which affected all areas of life.

“I was frozen to inaction by the decision I had to make … there were financial considerations to take into account and this stopped me from moving forward with my life. Annabelle was amazing at stating out the situation in absolute clarity and once she did this … the right choice jumped into view … the financial impose was still real – but the fear was gone.

Thank you Annabelle for showing me how. My life is so much better now.”
Taken from LinkedIn testimonials for Annabelle Drumm.

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