22 Jan 2013

The Curse of Intuition

22 Jan 2013

how to use your intuitionWhile generally intuition is something most people strive to have more of, sometimes it can really get you into a lot of trouble. How can this be?

From my experience, opening your mind to allow the thoughts in, then acting on them rather than using your brain to figure what is the most logical thing to say or do is where it gets tricky. Let’s take an example from many years ago when I was working on the hit TV series Hercules in New Zealand.

At the end of one of the series we had the usual wrap party for talent and crew. During the party, who should walk over for a chat? Kevin Sorbo the lead actor of the show. The discussion moved very quickly to the fact he’d been struggling to find a woman who was both attractive and intelligent. He’d looked all over. He’d been looking for some time. He felt frustrated.

I listened attentively. Then, you know how you’re listening to what someone is saying but the next thing you want to say has already materialised, so you’re just waiting for the end of their sentence to say it? Well, I waited my turn, then said the sentence my intuition had given to me.

“That’s because you work in the land of bimbos.”

And then I walked away.


As I walked away, my brain butted in, “Oi Annabelle! That was an unbelievably rude thing to say. You work in this business and you’re not a bimbo. There are lots of great women in this business. Why in God’s name did you say it?” I didn’t have an answer so I let the thought go and moved on to talk to someone else.

It wasn’t until I got to the end of the night, I was standing by the venue entrance looking around to make sure I’d said goodbye to all I wanted to say goodbye to, when I noticed Kevin again. He was in deep conversation with a man.

With horror, it slowly dawned on me that… perhaps… just maybe… he’d actually come over to talk to me not to tell me his troubles but to see if I was the intelligent girl he was looking for.

NOOOOO. No way. Absolutely not. Why me? No, that can’t be the case.

What if it was though?

I watched for a while. The conversation between the two men was pretty intense and I didn’t have the courage to go over, apologise and try to start again. So, with bottom lip protruding, I left the party.

It wasn’t until a few years later when shooting had finally wound up I saw in a magazine Kevin had returned to the USA, very quickly found the beautiful, intelligent girl he was looking for and promptly married her. Even in the article he repeated how he’d looked for years in New Zealand to find that special girl and never found her.

Once I started learning Law of Attraction I fully understood what had happened in this transaction and why that rude sentence fell out of my mouth.

It perfectly matched what both of us were attracting.

Law of Attraction Rules in Action

Kevin had the belief there was no beautiful, intelligent woman to be his partner in New Zealand. The fact he brought this up so quickly in a conversation with a stranger and repeated it years later in a magazine gives me the impression it was on his mind a lot.

1) Regular thoughts become your beliefs.

2) Your beliefs become your reality.

3) The more focus you give these beliefs, the more powerfully they create your future.

So, even when a gorgeous, smart chick is standing right in front of him jumping up and down waving cheerleader pom poms, he won’t see her. He’ll just look over her head and lament he can’t find her.

What about me? Well, during that period of my life I had very little self esteem. Boyfriends I had would start off nice but soon enough point out that I wasn’t -(insert whatever you like in here) – enough. Not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not mature enough, not voluptuous enough. Just generally not good enough.

And this wasn’t their fault! This was intuition kicking in for them too. They might have walked away questioning why they said such a rude thing to Annabelle just like I had wondered about poor Kevin. Or maybe they truly believed it. Who’s to say? All they were doing was what I call REFLECTIVE FEEDBACK. Simply reflecting back my own beliefs about myself.

So when you put me and Kevin together in a paper bag, what do you get? A man who sees an extremely rude woman confirming his fear about the New Zealand film industry and a woman who doesn’t think this lovely man could possibly be interested in someone as useless as herself. Result? No phone numbers swapped. It was never going to happen.

 So, should we listen to our Intuition?

Although acting on intuition might destroy the chance of a happy ending in this example, my answer would still be, Yes.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve observed a feeling or behaviour in someone and pointed it out to them. Sometimes they’re surprised and immediately thankful. Other times they ruffle their feathers and say they’re offended but, after a while they see the truth in it and thank me later – maybe even years later.

Bottling up your intuitive thoughts in case you offend someone is the worst thing you can do. That higher intelligence that feeds us our reality based on our beliefs WANTS us to be happy. So if one of your beliefs is not making you happy, wouldn’t you want some clue that it needs to be changed? I certainly would.

On the receiving end, as more of us learn Reflective Feedback, we can question why people say and do the things they do around us rather than get offended. We can then decide if anything within us needs to change.

If only one person says it to us, it might just be their own baggage and judgements they are expressing.

If we get the same message from several sources, maybe it’s reflecting our own belief about ourselves.

What’s magic about Law of Attraction is that as soon as you decide your belief needs to change and you set about changing the thought pattern to create a new belief, you will see the way people treat you change very quickly. If you’re strong in your conviction to your new belief you can see the change immediately.

This is how we can change our lives to be exactly what we want them to be.

So, don’t hold back on intuition. Tune in and act on it every time.


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