The Channel channel

The Channel channel

Welcome to The Channel channel, my new show on YouTube where you can learn more about how channeling works and how people in all walks of life use it to do extraordinary work.

You’ve heard about “being in the flow”. Actors, sports athletes, racing car drivers, authors, stock market traders… when they set aside the ego, turn off the brain and allow the queues come through from somewhere else that give them the right answer every time, they are channeling. And guess what? We can all do it!

If you’re sick of using your brain to try and figure things out finding you’re not always getting the right answer or making the best decision, it’s time to learn more about channeling and here is how.

Below are our interviews as they are published or you can visit the YouTube channel and subscribe so they appear in your YouTube feed.

Help us spread the word by sharing the interviews and we encourage you to ask questions under the YouTube videos if you’re not sure about something.

The more of us in the world learn to hook back into that greater intelligence through channeling, the faster we will ALL be able to make a wiser population with more personal power.

Channeling interviews

Brenda Hoffman

Joe Higgins

Tom Evans

Francis Evans


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