21 Jul 2014

Taking a Leap of Faith

21 Jul 2014

Personal self development and improvement in the world shift of consciousnessReady to try something really breakthrough? This is way bigger than you imagine!

You’ll find I’ve mentioned living in the present moment a lot over the past few months. Before this I’ve always been a bit blasé. “Yeah I know. I have to be present, have gratitude, show appreciation, be positive, yadda yadda yadda. Yep, got it.” Like a lesson sounds to a child at school who doesn’t fully understand why they have to learn it.

It’s only over the last couple of weeks I’ve explored this Present Moment stuff more intensely and found some extraordinary things happening.

How do we be present? Two things have to happen.

No memories. No judgement.

We lose the whole back story we use as justification of who we are, why we are, what we are… all that stuff. No memories. Just start again right now as a new Being.

Secondly, we have to lose the Judgement. Give up having an opinion about what we are, etc. We also have to lose judgement about the future.

  • Lose the worry about what could go wrong.
  • Lose the fantasy about how things could be better.

Now that sounds different to what I’ve said about Law of Attraction, I know. Making a daily practice of visualising something is meant to bring it to you faster. Anyone who’s tried this will tell you its not a fool proof rule. So for this experiment I’m giving up all visualising and I can seriously tell you it’s SUCH a relief to not be reaching for anything.

The reason it is a relief is because every time we visualise or fantasise we are confirming in our mind that what we have right now is not enough. Not big enough, not successful enough, not enough money, not thin enough… whatever matches the opposite of what you are reaching for.

When you stop reaching – i.e. you halt the ambition – you give up the confirmation that right now is less than perfect.

I know what you’re thinking. “But it’s not perfect right now.” I completely understand! Remember though, what you have in your life right now is simply the results of your thinking up till now. Make no judgement on that.

Justification is the biggest human addiction of all

The more you confirm what you have now, everything that lead up to it and the justification of why you can’t change that, the more of the same you create in your tomorrow.

So let’s just cut out the story, shall we? If it ain’t working for you, we have to start again. And, we have the free will do that right now.

My experiment

I thought I would give this “Present Moment” thing a really good go to see what would happen.

Being present from one moment to the next means that I can’t be thinking about what happened the hour before or what’s coming up this afternoon. I have to say that scared the hell out of me. What if I forgot to follow up and do what I said I would do? What if I didn’t show up to a meeting?

In order to be present I had to give the clock watching and the planning all away. Looking at my own business name, it felt like a kite without any string or tail.

Guess what happened?

Somehow, by relieving myself of being reliant on the calendar and the clock, my internal clock kicked in.

My intuition improved and gave me all the clues I needed so, not only did I NOT miss any appointments but I also remembered a bunch of other stuff that I would not have thought about had I been distracted by hours and hours of running old stories in my head or planning for the future.

The important stuff was getting done and more. The creative ideas and solutions were flowing thick and fast.

PLUS, the surprisingly awesome bonus to living this way was that opportunities suddenly started appearing where I’d not seen them before. Closed doors were opening up. Help coming from all directions without any apparent effort from me.

The physical manifestation of all those desires I’d set out in times past were arriving because I’d lost the resistance to them.

Fascinating stuff!

Summing up

It really is a leap of faith to change to this way of thinking and living all the time. I know I’m not yet doing it all day every day but, wow! It feels so good when I am doing it and there is zero stress.

I am fully focussed and clear.

If no “instruction” comes for what to do right now, I simply sit and listen, observing all around me in terms of my 6 senses without judgement. Like I’m an alien reporting back on what the human experience feels like.

So I know it’s rather ironic that, as a Blonde, I am telling you to use your brain less. Just try it though. Give up your worrying, fantasising, planning, goal setting.

Every time you find yourself heading in that direction say “Here I am” and take a look at the human experience of where you are right now.

We do this over and over on our social networks anyway, right?

Here is me having a coffee in a cafe with a friend. (Yes, I have a friend.)
Here is me at the beach.
Here is what I ate for dinner.
Here is me at the airport.
Here is me in another country.
Here is me safe back home again.

We spend hours trying to prove to ourselves on the Social Networks that we exist. Yet if we just stopped talking/typing and existed consciously for a while, our lives would be supported on a whole new level.

Try it and tell me what you experience.

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