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Tom Evans: Using old style magic to create your next job

Tom Evans Annabelle Drumm magic of creating a new jobWant to know how to create your best job ever? Last night Tom Evans and I did this great interview (see below). I was asking for his interpretation of a recent Mercredan channelled interview I did which taught me more about the masculine and feminine balance needed to create well founded, lasting ideas. I told Tom how I was looking for ideas on how to find my next big business project to work on.

He took me into how it is shown in Tarot cards. Tarots never been something that’s taken my fancy to learn much about. I understand they are of unknown origin and age. They truly cover all aspects of life, even modern day life, and when you get to play with a Tarot reader who is skilled and can put their own ideas/baggage/filters aside as they read, you will get spectacular results about the current path you are on. From there you can decide if you still want to travel that path or make a change and create a different path. The power of a creative being!

Tarot cards

Three Tarot cards he mentioned were

The Magician – Masculine/active. Draws new ideas down to the Earth plane.
His Tools -a wand or walking stick (creativity, spiritual, fire), a sword (mental, air), a cup (emotional, water) and pentacle or talisman (physical, earth). Read more.

The High Priestess – Feminine/passive. The one who takes the idea in, develops and nurtures it. She holds the scroll of all knowledge and waits for her answers rather than trying to figure them out. Read more.

The Fool  – stands between the masculine and the feminine. Uses free will to reach infinite possibilities. When you balance the compliment of masculine and feminine you are completely in the flow of life – the world is your oyster.

Neurology in the body

Head – logical and creative left/right sides of the brain. When a job offer or opportunity comes along, ask “Does the head think it’s a good idea?” Whether the answer is yes or no, continue with the next questions!

Heart – feminine. Ask “Am I in love with the idea, luke warm about it or feeling cold about it?” Wait for the answer. Sometimes what the head thinks is not logical still appeals to the heart even if you don’t know why.

If the answer is ‘no’, ask “What would need to change for me to fall in love with this idea?”

Gut – hermaphrodite. Ask “Is it a go or a no-go?” If the answer is ‘no’ ask “What would need to change to make this a go?”

We rely on the head to give us all our answers. We reach for the logical/practical/sensible solution so often when the heart and gut can give us a much wiser decision.

Tom Evans has a wonderful array of training he can offer at great prices. There are books, videos, training courses and meditations. Visit Tom Evan’s website:

I’ll add the link to his new book and Jet Lag meditation as they arrive.

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Need help with career direction?

Online coach for career adviceIf you’ve had enough of the work you are doing and yearn to uncover what you’re truly meant to be doing, take a look at the Dream Job Startup program which is now available. Maybe you’re just working for money, not love, or maybe you started this job because it was what you loved at the time and now you’re finding it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

I ran this as a course a while back formatted as a series of webinars. When I had to write the text to put on the sales page I was trying to think when I’d used this process before and immediately I thought of 5 different times I’d used it with people to great effect. It really works! Not just in the sessions where we were talking but in setting a clear direction in the mind so that serendipity took charge. Things started to fall into place within 1-6 months afterwards for each person. Beautiful Law of Attraction in action.

Uploading these webinars to a suitable platform so people could buy them at a great rate has been holding me up a bit as the platforms all seem to mostly want video files for students these days. However I can set this as a single face to face session if your budget is limited and you want a powerful reset in the direction you are heading or you can take a 3 or 6 month package of coaching to help support you to keep moving and assure a better result.

More details on the offering and case studies are here

Any questions about the options, just drop me a line here:

Dana Mrkich – Letting Go Of Ambition

solar flares affecting your healthI interviewed Dana Mrkich before the turning point of December 2012 and found her a great source of information in connecting all areas of life – for us individually as well as worldwide in our politics, finances and weather – and how that is affected by the World shift of consciousness.

Below is a recent article of hers from last week about when you’ve lost ambition – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

We’ve been taught ever since we were children that we must strive for things to achieve. Yet, from time to time that striving grinds to a halt. Not because we are necessarily failing. Not because we’re burnt out. We just run out of motivation. When this happens the monkey on our back says “Get up! Get moving! You’re not running fast enough. You’ve got to find your direction. You won’t make any progress if you stop.” and our guilt sets in. So we start running all over the place in a panic making no progress because we are dis-oriented.

What this article is backing up is the message that it’s time to truly start listening to your intuition and acting on it.

If you’ve lost your direction, STOP. Rest, nurture yourself. Turn inwards. Ask the question if you need to “Where was I meant to be going? I forgot.” or whatever you want to ask, then just leave it. Do nothing for a bit. Don’t TRY. Just leave space for the answer to be delivered.

Even a half day on the couch can be enough to rejuvenate your senses, give you a clearer sense of direction and give you back your fun self again.

There’s no point vigorously pursuing a direction if it’s no fun!

I’ve made bold the bits I find most useful.

So, enjoy Dana’s article. If you want to see our interview together click here.

Floating Free Energy and Life Stocktake

By Dana Mrkich

There is a big free-floating feeling in the air these days. The more our consciousness becomes centred in our hearts as opposed to our minds, the more an ‘unplugging’ of sorts takes place. It is an unplugging of our former paradigm, including an unplugging of old beliefs that held our reality and identity together. More and more our awareness and focus is being brought into NOW, and so you may be finding it really difficult, detached even, to think about the past or future in the same way you used to. Recalling memories might feel strange, and planning for the future might feel like you are grasping at clouds that keep changing every moment.

This consciousness shift – from the mind to the heart – is a naturally occurring process at this point in our evolution. It is a process we can either go along with without even realising, actively participate in and open to, resist, fear, avoid or actively push against.

The unplugging process is ultimately a positive, empowering and liberating one but it can feel very ungrounding because we are so used to being centred in a much denser reality. Our new reality is much more fluid, and while there is a huge amount of freedom in that, it can also feel very disconcerting to not be entirely sure of who you are anymore, where you are headed, or what you are wanting. It can also bring up feelings of apathy or depression as there’s this sense of not really wanting to do anything, or feeling like what’s the point of it all?

Those feelings tend to come up when a lot is being unplugged at once (within your energy field, including physical reality), and we can feel like we are in limbo or in the void of the unknown. Yet what this is doing is creating space for our new [selves] to come online, to be activated, to enter us, to be embodied, to awaken.

And when the space is fully clear, and the old has been released, that’s when we get these surges of energy and inspiration, sudden flashes of thought and feelings of ‘ooh I wouldn’t mind doing xyz’ or ‘hmmm I’m really feeling to now eat this way, or I’m really wanting to spend more time doing abc, or I really have to stop doing such and such, it’s beyond time.’

This process goes in waves….unplugging unplugging, feeling blagh, feeling empty… is created, old is released, new comes online….ooh feeling joy, feeling great, feeling inspired…..then more unplugging….oh crap, I feel blagh again! Ride the wave.

Unplugging from an old aspect of you isn’t easy. It has been your identity for a long time. So a grieving might take place. And you might resist, because certain old aspects of you may be connected to your income, or important relationships, that would need to be let go of if you are to fully let that old aspect go. Your soul will tell you, ‘You will be okay” but it can take a while to fully jump because that emotional and physical survival part of you is saying “What are you doing?? What is going to happen to us?”

From a personal point of view

For myself I have been getting taps on the shoulder for some time to give my crown chakra a rest, particularly in relation to my one-on-one Soul Sessions. Not just for my own health and growth, but also for the growth and potential of my clients. Rather than bring the info through in that way, I am being called to place greater attention on things like my courses and other ideas I have, that help people to bring their own information through and embody the new energies in our everyday lives and world.

I listened to these nudges and cut down on clients a few years ago after Jax was born, sticking to a few a week. However leading up to this trip I got very firm instructions from my Soul – it is time to stop the Sessions now. Is this forever? I’m not sure, but this time definitely feels different to the ordinary breaks from them I’ve had in the past.

Intuitively I knew that the second I let go, the more space, time and inspiration I would have for whatever new passions and directions awaited me, yet it was still emotionally hard because it’s something that comes naturally and easily to me, and helps people, and helps toward the family income. And here I am on a long trip letting go of it! But I can hardly encourage people to jump off the cliff and let go of jobs, and not do so myself when guided to do so!

So as a part of all this, energy messages have also been few and far between. I’m just going with the flow with that. When I get the wooshka rush of one, it will be here as this one is today. It is one of the hugest gifts you can give yourself to allow yourself to step back from your life for a moment, to clear the slate, and ask: okay, from this blank slate, what do I now want to add? What from the old do I want to keep? And what new things want to come in?

You don’t have to go on a long trip to do that although it definitely helps to get away from your usual environment even for a weekend or a week away if you can. I’ve also done a life stocktake many times at home with a pen and a journal, asking myself: what is it time to let go of? What new things do I want to do/move toward?

With current energies in mind, this isn’t so much a ‘planning the future’ exercise, more so it is about connecting with yourself, taking time to listen to your Soul and to hear your heart.

Click here to visit Dana’s website.

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Video interview with Louise Vansleve

Law of Attraction in Career Advice

Last week I was interviewed by Business Entrepreneur extra-ordinaire Louise Vansleve about Law of Attraction and using it to bring about your Dream Job or Business.

We had a lot of fun talking about how the Law of Attraction works and how, as mothers, we’ve become more skilled, wiser and better at multi-tasking.

When you’re out of the work force for a while you under-estimate how much more valuable you become with these skills. It can completely change how you deal with your next job or business and how much more capable you are to making it big.

Check it out.

Louise interviews Annabelle Drumm on The Law of Attraction from Louise Vansleve on Vimeo.

Check out the Immersion program here:

Got A Dream Job You’d Rather Be Doing?

Career directionTHIS IS FOR YOU IF:

1) You’re sweating over making somebody else a profit when you’d really rather be doing something you love.

2) You’re looking after loved ones at home and want to get back into the flow of life.

3) You’ve started a business but it’s not making progress


See Kitegirl interviewed by Louise Vansleve on the Law of Attraction and the Dream Job Startup on Vimeo here.


Does this stuff really work?

Yes! Here’s some great real life examples.

Matt in Sydney Australia

  • Matt was feeling stuck in his work. We did a one to one coaching session to get clearer on what it is he was wanting. He didn’t have the money to do a whole series of coaching so I showed him how to keep moulding that idea.Four months later he was in a job that blew his mind. It was better than he could have imagined.On LinkedIn he wrote “If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’ll find the word “fail” is vehemently absent from Annabelle’s Drumm’s vocabulary. She won’t even say it! This career/life coach is a powerful force of real world positivity… What a fantastic opportunity it is to work with such an empathetic and intelligent person to define a goal-based strategy in my life. Thank you Annabelle.”

Kelly in Texas USA

  • Kelly considered himself an average looking Actor with not a lot of star potential. When I first spoke to him he seemed pretty down and lacking in confidence.Being the USA we did his coaching via Skype video. During the session the dream came out of one day being in a major Acting role. I’d never seen him act but we continued our work on making that dream role feel more real.Six months later he was crowing about landing his first big time role in a major television production. He said the process I had started was what made it happen.

Scott in Sydney Australia

  • Scott was an IT technician and had been out of work for over 4 years and was averaging about 100 job interviews each year. In desperation his wife came to me and asked if I could help. Again, a limited budget running the household on one slim income meant he couldn’t do the complete coaching series but we got together and worked on opening his mind to the possibilities.An incredible one month later he was into a contract with great money pouring in. His wife told me one month after that, he was offered a full time role he completely adores.

Francine in Sydney Australia

  • Francine was stuck in an executive role she no longer had enthusiasm for. She’d been looking for a new job for a while and felt despondent about ever finding that dream job. We got together and as I questioned her I could see she really didn’t know what she wanted.We worked a clearer image of the job even though it didn’t have a job title.Within 2 months, the perfect job was offered to her. She said she didn’t even go searching for it. She was personally recommended and once she started the job, she realised is was better than she’d ever imagined. It took her into a completely different industry. One she’d not thought of before.

John in Sydney Australia

  • Back in July Annabelle met with a Teacher from a Technical Institute. Over a coffee conversation his vision of how many people he could teach expanded dramatically and he started to work with Annabelle on the idea of a TV series for local and international niche networks. Here we are, in September, a mere 2 months later and he is in negotiation with a production company on making his DREAM a REALITY.

The list of success stories goes on.

Do you want to be on that list?

Come join the Dream Job Startup!

What are you going to learn?

I’m going to show you

  • the deeper meaning behind what you’re searching for,
  • how to get over your fears,
  • I’ll support you in making that big shift in yourself
  • and keeping it moving in the right direction.

How is the Course laid out?

We have 8 days of the recorded tele seminar. Over the 8 days we’ll be doing

  • 3 intensive coaching sessions (approx 90 minutes including Q&A for you to join in) on tried and tested tools for success.
  • PLUS there will be a shorter daily morning focus call (approx 15 minutes) you can use to get on track for the day. Use this when you first wake in the morning.

You have no idea how powerful you are going to feel. Once you’re clear on what to do you’ll

  • feel confident in stepping out,
  • feeling good about yourself
  • and inspired to take the next step.

What are you waiting for? There’s not a moment to lose.

Options to Buy

1) Course online

We recorded the webinars of the first group that went through the Dream Job Startup so you can listen in to the class and learn what they learnt. We are currently looking to the best platform to make it available for you.

 2) Single private session with Annabelle Drumm $495

Get the process started now. Book a private 90 minute Skype or phone session with Annabelle and she will lead you through the process asking all the questions to stimulate what you need to create that perfect job. Once you’ve completed the transaction, Paypal will send you a receipt and Annabelle will get in touch via your Paypal email to book a time with you.

3) Full support in finding your Dream Job – packages available

A single session is a great way to refine what direction you’re heading but if you really want full support in finding and creating what will make you most fulfilled in life, a 3 or 6 month program of coaching with Annabelle on your side will increase your results dramatically. This can be done face to face, by phone or Skype so you can be anywhere in the world. Contact Annabelle to talk further about this option.

View more online courses by Annabelle Drumm

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