16 Jun 2014

Stress relief for higher productivity

16 Jun 2014

Dance music set list for lunchtime stress reliefWhen you’ve been sitting still all morning highly focussed and tense, giving yourself a 10 minute break to shake it loose at lunch time can give you extraordinary benefits in your productivity and decision making.

We’re not just talking a bit of a wriggle in your office chair – that won’t do it. I mean get on to your feet, put a smile on your face, wave your hands in the air, move your chassis and get breathing harder.

Dancing in your lunch break does a number of things. It reduces stress, improves focus, gives your eyes and brain a much needed break, gets your lungs and heart pumping, stretches your muscles, adds to your happiness.

You can return to work in the afternoon with better decision making skills, more focus, clarity and are able to cope better when under pressure. You’ll feel ALIVE and enthusiastic, ready to take on the world. No amount of coffee or afternoon candy bars can generate that feeling.

Here are some of my favourite tracks for lunchtime dance breaks. I’ve grouped these roughly into 1 modern, 1 classic and an easier pace to finish giving you approximately 10-12 minutes dancing for each set.

DANCE like no one’s watching! If it improves your productivity, no one will complain.

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