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Sound bites on Stress and Burnout

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Offer a fresh outlook to your audience on Stress Management and Professional Burnout. Here’s some great sound bites and conversation starters to use for your article or interview with Stress and Burnout expert Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm.

1. “Mental stress is the number one expense in national medical claims”

The personal cost of stress is high shortening lifespan, breaking relationships, creating accidents. The cost to the nation is equally high with Stress the number one compensation claim.

2. “The cause of the Common Cold is stress”

The cause is not viruses nor bacteria. The common cold is telling you it’s time to put your feet up. You’re working too hard!

3. “People treat you badly when you’re stressed”

It’s not just a flaring temper that can disturb relationships with those around you when you’re stressed. It also limits your communication skills leaving you unconsciously emitting a “vibe” which causes those around you to automatically be defensive.

4. “Stress kills creativity”

Stress shuts down the parts of your brain you need to make sophisticated decisions or to do creative problem solving. This is what causes “writer’s block”.

5. “Stress and Burnout are the leading factors in business failure”

High staff turnover due to Burnout costs more than just recruitment fees to replace them.

Stress in management often leads to bad decisions and frayed tempers.

6. “Extreme weather patterns are caused by Stress”

Fossil fuels, fridges and sheep farts aren’t the only contributors to climate change. Just as equipment tends to break down around you when you are highly stressed, a collective consciousness of several million people projecting stress and negative vibes into the atmosphere can draw in much larger looming threats to a city.

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