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At what stage is your career flying?

Retiring from Career

This is a new section in the Kitegirl website, just launched. We’ll be adding products and services to each section as they become available. Kitegirl is passionate about helping you no matter what stage you are at in your creative career.


For newbies who are just getting started in their creative career. You are dreaming about the possibilities and looking forward to your first few paying jobs. You may be stuck not knowing where to start or who to trust. This may be something you’ve wanted to do for years and are a bit scared taking the big leap. You don’t know what you don’t know, which can leave you feeling rather vulnerable and you’re looking for some good solid feet-on-the-ground advice that won’t overwhelm you on how to take your next step.

Gaining Altitude

You are getting paid work on a regular basis now and want more! You want to figure out how to grow your career or business so you are more in demand, not having to continually knock on doors for new customers. You want to give up your day job and go full time but worry about losing the security of a salary. You want to give up doing any and every job that comes your way and start aiming towards being selective, choosing jobs you really love to do.

Maintaining Height

Things are going extremely well in your business or career. You are high in demand, overworked and exhausted. The fear of falling from such a great height sits on your shoulder taunting you from time to time. Have you got it all under control? Are you bending so much towards what your Manager or customers demands you feel like you’re going to break? Do you feel the pressure of constantly coming up with new ideas and worry your supply might be drying up? It’s time to get this work back under control so you can slide into calmer winds, free up that Writer’s Block and start enjoying yourself again.

A Graceful Landing

You have been successful for yourself and your colleagues but are ready for something new. Either a change of direction or a graceful, gentle landing is what you have in mind. There may be fears around letting others down, what will happen to your reputation, how to continue what has already been started and what to do with that large hole in your day that used to be filled with some purpose. You’re looking for some personalized guidance to help you down from that great height while avoiding a crash landing.

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