18 Apr 2014

Spotting the Truth

18 Apr 2014

improve intuition wisdom psychic abilitiesAll day every day we are confused by constantly conflicting stories being thrown at us and it can be hard to decipher the truth. We could throw our hands up and surrender to ever knowing what is right but that can make life exhausting. This, however, is changing fast.

Walking with a boyfriend not long ago I asked him what he thought about something. When he replied, I immediately called him on it.  “You’re lying,” I said, “that’s not how you feel.” It was plain as day. **see footnote

Although I could see he was trying to give me the answer he thought I wanted to hear, it was clear to me that his vibe did not match. This was a moment when I realised my intuition was becoming more enhanced and gave me a really big “aha” moment.

If I can see the lies then others can see the lies in me too. What’s the point of lying if everyone can catch you out? Telling lies saps our energy leaving us tired and exhausted. So, not telling lies gives us our energy back.

It’s not just me who’s intuition or psychic abilities is improving. Everyone, whether they believe in this “world shift stuff” or not, has intuition that is improving.

As each of us improve these skills, we all start to see the difference between truth and lies. No longer innocent children who believe all they are told, we “feel” the lies and become bolder in calling it out, be it with an individual, a company, the media or a government.

As we all start to see the hidden agenda’s behind each statement, we tolerate lies less and demand the truth until we get it.

As we improve further we won’t need to demand the confession at all because the truth will be so clear to all in every way.

What will it be like to see the truth?

The only individuals telling lies are the ones that tell lies to themselves. So rather than pointing the finger at them, we will have compassion for them, knowing that they need to see their own truth. Once they are fully honest with themselves they will have no thought of telling a lie. Interesting, huh?

What about on the larger scale of governments, corporations and militaries who hide so much from us supposedly for our own safety? It would be pointless for them to tell lies because it would just diminish their reputation.

It reminds me of an image that always makes me giggle. The memory of my 2 year old standing in the middle of the kitchen with chocolate all over his face saying “No” but, at the same time, looking at me in disbelief thinking “How did she know?”

Seeing the truth in all cases will allow us to communicate more effectively. All agendas will be clear, understanding will deepen and we can make wiser decisions. With all cards on the table there can be no cheating, no lying, no corruption.

How do we get started?

Start with yourself. Practice makes the Master. Call yourself on all the times you say words that don’t match how you truly feel. Are you brave enough to admit that to yourself?

In my family I’ve already got to the stage where I might start a sentence and slow down. My youngest says to me “Yeah mum, that’s not right.” and I’ll say “Yeah, you’re right. Let me try that again.”

Try that again yourself. Have some patience as you get started because you will be amazed how often those little lies are peppered through your day, not just in conversation but in your own head. Lies about who you want to spend time with, how you want to spend your day, how you dress, what you like that you hide lest someone disapprove of you or judge you.

Forgive yourself when a lie falls out. Make amends, face the consequences, find your truth.

Each time you do this you can pat yourself on the back, hear the truth quicker next time, grow your personal power and wisdom.

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** FOOTNOTE – the expression “plain as day” is starting to take on new importance now, too. Seeing things in daylight rather than struggling to see at night is literally what we are going through. Many of the spiritual websites are talking about us “awakening” or “receiving more light in the World”. With added light, you see more clearly what you are facing. Get the metaphor? With a clearer view you can make wiser decisions. Wise decisions make for whole different, empowered way of living!

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