21 Dec 2012

Prepare for Take-off December 21 2012

21 Dec 2012

Annabelle McGough as 1990's Air HostessHello and welcome on this beautiful morning of December 21 2012. We are aware you had a choice of places to be today. We appreciate and thank you for choosing to fly with Planet Earth. Please pay attention to your hostess as she runs through what you need to know.

Put your seat in the upright position

Jokes aside about Apocalypse, Doomsday and the End of the World. It’s time to sit up and take notice. Our world has been changing a lot recently. People are waking up to what’s really going on, who’s running the show and whether they are doing it to benefit the many or the few. It’s going to get even more interesting as we learn and understand way more than any Humans have before us. We will start see ourselves as a single species again and that’s going to need you to speak up where you see the system failing to care for each one of us.

It’s also going to need you to see the people around you in a more compassionate light and offer help where you can.

Stow your tray table away

I see a huge amount of personal judgement happening on the Social Networks and in conversation circles. That is so old world!

We’re heading into a totally new epoch and in order to make the transition smoothly we need to give up judging others. That just makes you feel Disapproval and, let’s face it, disapproval doesn’t feel good.

Notice what things annoy you most. Their appearance, their behaviour, what they achieve, how they run their lives. When you spot a theme of what you’re judging, chances are you’re judging yourself in a similar vein.

It’s time for stowing the clutter and making some space around you. Live and let live. Once you start to recognise and appreciate your own virtues, judgement disappears and you’re so much happier.

Make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened

Don’t get carried away with all the gossip and myths around this very special time in History. Keep your feet on the ground and make every day count.

Over the next few months or even a couple of years, there will be so many skeletons coming out of the closet. You can see it already. People all over being made accountable for past actions. Is this the Apocalypse judgement? Perhaps.

Some of this information is going to be hard to swallow and already I see many choosing the “I am outraged” and “Shame on you” reactions. The emotions attached are anger, fear, revenge and often lead to violence where innocent people are trampled.

Remember your reaction, no matter how traumatic the news, is a CHOICE.

Choose a reaction that keeps your sanity. Choose a reaction that keeps you physically safe and others around you safe. Look at it objectively and contemplate how to incorporate this new information into life from here on.

Fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others.

There are so many of us on the planet right now that want to help others. Yet, the biggest contribution we can make to the world is by healing ourselves. Both our body and mind.

Over the holiday period eat and sleep when you need it, no more no less. Forgive yourself for faults. Make amends for past stuff-ups. Mend broken relationships even if it’s to say thanks for the fun times of the past and wish them well. Give up regrets. Give up other people’s baggage.

A Shift into the New World is the perfect time to find what you really want to do with your life and how you want to make this beautiful blue marble planet a better place. Next year this site will be more dedicated to helping you get back on track, achieve a clear career direction and a life that is no longer “Living by Default”. Subscribe so we can keep in touch and I can help where I can.

See the emergency card in the seat pocket in front of you

We’ve tried to give you as much info as possible on this website. None of us know what extreme weather is yet to come but it’s possibly Hurricane Sandy was just a taster. Make sure you have emergency supplies at the ready for yourself and a contribution for your community. Advice has been to store up to 3 weeks worth and you may need it as soon as a few days after Christmas Day. Treat it like camping in your own home. If you’re prepared, you have peace of mind and you can always use it up next year if it isn’t needed. Nothing is wasted.

We could be in for some turbulence as we gain height but once we’re past the storm clouds we’re going where it’s always sunny.

Keep safe and happy this Christmas, guys and gals. I am so grateful and honoured you have visited my site. Thank you for your attention.

I look forward to bringing you more insights as they arise during these amazing times.


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