18 Dec 2012

Plan for an outrageously successful 2013

18 Dec 2012

New Year's Resolution 2013You’ve made it to the end of 2012.
Did it stack up the way you expected?
Did you achieve all you wanted in your career? Your personal life?
Are you doing what brings you the most joy?
Or has that passion you had for your career all but faded?

New Year’s resolutions are often set with lots of enthusiasm and good intentions but disappointment can creep in when, several months down the track you discover you’re still there, doing the same thing you were doing the year before.

Let Kitegirl give you the lift you need to commence 2013 from a good height, with the wind at your back. A specialist in refining the direction and boosting the height of creative careers, she’s offering a New Year’s Resolution Special in which you won’t be disappointed.

Starting mid-January, you have her by your side. She’ll be coaching you towards a new year full of promise and clarity of direction. You can talk through where you are in all the aspects of your life you want to change. She can give you a non-judgemental, higher perspective view on where you stand to help you find where you really, passionately want to be going.

Once your direction is set, you have her support for three more exclusive sessions to start you along the path to an exceptional 2011. We’ll have you up and running in 4-6 weeks.

With Kitegirl you’ll get:

  • A way to clear detail out of your head so you can see your life and career from a higher level
  • Clarity on where you stand and where you’re going
  • Assistance in building goals that mean the most to you
  • An achievable plan of how to make it happen
  • The confidence and backing you need to move forward in a new direction
  • Increased impetus towards those new fabulous goals so they don’t fizzle out
  • A way to overcome old, stubborn obstacles you’ve been fighting forever (weight, finances, health, love)
  • Support from a professional with no personal agenda unlike friends, family and workmates
  • An expert mentor in mixing business with creativity. She’s been there.
  • A new found passion for your life and work… Let’s get your mojo back!

Why use Kitegirl?

She’s been coaching and mentoring most of her working life. The perfect mix of a business coach with a creative background she’s worked in Entertainment and Advertising for more than 20 years, including running a Dance company for 6 years and a multi-national Entertainment Booking Agency for 15 years. With a knack for finding the essence of what’s really holding you back plus several years of study in metaphysics and neuro science, Kitegirl is unique.

She’s your cheerleader, your confidante, your muse, your personal trainer and your wise sage.

Spaces for this special offer are extremely limited. It’s first in first served and she’ll be working around her current clientele so we may need to do some ferreting to find times suitable to both you and her.

We’re aiming for 4 sessions between the second week of January and the end of February. The first two are 90 minutes, the second two are 60 minutes plus any email support she can fit between the sessions if you need.

You can be anywhere in the world as she works by phone, Skype or FaceTime. You must have English either as a first language or be extremely fluent in English to fully express yourself.

As a guideline…
USA West Coast. Coaching available early afternoon to evening
USA East Coast Coaching available late afternoon to evening
London UK Coaching available mid morning
Sydney Australia Coaching available morning and early afternoon

Start the New Year with a clear direction, an achievable plan,
a boost in confidence and passion for your work.

New Year’s special AUD $1470 – that’s a 45% discount on regular Business Coaching. Limited spaces available.

Contact Kitegirl now and book for your New Year’s Resolution Special.  You won’t regret it.


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