10 Jan 2013

Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones

10 Jan 2013

Piers Morgan and Alex Jones opinionYesterday all Social Networks were ablaze with comments on the interview between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones on On the CNN site the comments were flowing thick and fast, growing by about 5,000 comments even within the time I watched.

What I found fascinating was that the petition Alex Jones started was not to keep the gun laws the same as they are now, but to specifically deport someone for his opinion.

I’ve been to the historic buildings of Philadelphia and looked at a replicate of the Constitution. Yes, there was a bit in there about the right to bear arms, but there was also a bit – from memory – something about freedom of speech? Hmm.

So do we uphold one part of the constitution but not another?

Are we upholding the right part?

Are both clauses valid for the 21st Century?

Freedom of Speech

I’ve written already about Piers Morgan and the Gun Laws when this petition originally came to notice in the headlines. In that article I mentioned how the right to freedom of speech is so often ignored.

Take a look at any social network discussion on any topic. If you give an opinion you’ve got a 99% chance someone will slam it. 80% of the time they’ll ignore what you’re saying and insult you personally and 99.9% of people commenting refuse to stand by their comments with their own name. How cowardly.

There is no politeness, no progressive discussion where you might get the opportunity to be convinced of anything other than your original opinion. It’s just a big bun fight.

This interview had good reason to go viral though. What a circus.

Who do you support?

I’m sure CNN were expecting great ratings which is why they put it together. I have to give Morgan top points for being brave enough to do it at all. I’m not in the USA so didn’t know of the reputation of Jones. Morgan and CNN both would have known what to expect.

The most important lesson Americans – and indeed all of us around the world – can learn from this (and I expect this is what CNN was trying to portray as well) is that you need to do your homework before you decide who to support. I talked about this using Hitler as the example in the Masculine vs Feminine Leadership video back in December.

In Mr Jones’ case more than 100,000 people decided to support him in his petition. Did they know what kind of a character he really was? Are they just like him? I suppose the USA is a big country and 100,000 is not a very high percentage so, maybe the answer is, Yes.

World Shift in Consciousness

The World is in upheaval right now more than ever. Old beliefs are being brought to the surface and questioned to see if they are still valid. Cans of worms opened in all areas of life. Finance, politics, corporate ethics, food sources, medicine, science, religion, the rights of women, the rights of minority groups.

As part of the World Shift in Consciousness in which we literally “wake up”, this is an integral part of the change and will hopefully scrub clean all the old ways of living that don’t serve humanity as a whole.

In order to start the debate we need people to stand up for their beliefs. Put the questions out there to get you thinking. Are you happy with the status quo or does something need to change?

Those who take a strong stance will certainly get attention, especially loud characters like Mr Jones. Strong characters inevitably attract followers.

HOWEVER as these topics come up for debate it now becomes crucially important that you don’t follow the loudest speaker automatically. You don’t even follow the crowd like you’ve done so many times before. You don’t assume well produced propaganda is the only answer without looking at all sides of the story.

Use your intuition

Now, more than ever, each of us must take a deep breath and listen INSIDE. It’s time to sharpen your intuition. Time to find the answer in your heart rather than figuring it out with your head like you’ve done so many times before. Time to give up basing your decision only on the facts you have in front of you.

Take another look at Mr Jones in these videos. Is he loud? Yes. Is he strong? Yes. Does he have a definite opinion? Yes indeed. Do you think he has your interests at heart when he speaks? I don’t see that.

When I watch Mr Jones on these videos I hear blah blah blah. What I feel – which is using my intuition – is a man living in great fear. He’s unhappy, he’s terrified, he sees corruption, hate and conspiracy every where he looks. He doesn’t trust anyone at all.

He cannot see anyone being peaceful, kind, reaching out to help those less fortunate, trying to make the world a calmer and happier place to live. These people – of which we know there are many – are just not on his radar.

So, when faced with a highly stressed, aggressive man flailing about, behaving like his back is against the wall, full points again to Mr Morgan for keeping his cool and treating Mr Jones gently. Punching him – which is what most presenters would have felt compelled to do – would not have improved the situation.

When you can only see evil in the world your view becomes very biased and, as Law of Attraction says, your thoughts become your reality. Mr Jones is now accusing Bloomberg of trying to kill him after the interview I would say that, unless his viewpoint changes, this gentleman will create his own demise quite quickly. It’s unlikely anyone will need to help him with that.

There will be more and more loud activists stepping up on their apple boxes this year. Many for good reason. Don’t be dazzled by their showmanship and method of delivery.

LISTEN carefully to the content of their message.

LOOK at their body language to see if, in the most basic terms, love or fear is driving them.

FEEL within your own intuition for the real truth behind the debate and to find the outcome which will benefit the majority of the human race.

When we approach each topic in this way we can make the wisest decisions to create a more just and peaceful planet.

So, what did you see when you watched the interview?

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