14 Nov 2013

Opening up the senses

14 Nov 2013

Finding your inner peaceI’ve been experimenting with the exercise given in this post on finding your Inner Peace. The goal of this exercise is to become familiar with how you fit into your landscape and see yourself as an organic part of it, ever changing along with the scenery.

The short term affect is zero Stress, complete calm, heightened awareness, feeling grounded and really peaceful. The long term affect, if you can make it a habit of it throughout your days, is dropping all fear and resistance so you live a spontaneous, creative life and, once you have no resistance, Law of Attraction allows in all the wonderful things you have been waiting for. Sound cool? I thought so.

Being a beginner, I’ve been heading out to the local park on a daily basis around 6am. I wander along the paths and through the grassy areas with my eyes slightly off focus, drawing my attention to that sixth sense we all have but we mostly ignore. I use my eyes to see what’s coming up (a lamp post, a tree, a wall) and tune in to see what that “feels” like.

When my brain starts to think too much, I’ll touch a tree or admire something in great detail like the light coming through the leaves to bring my thoughts back to the present moment. This is, after all, the only moment we are actually living so that’s where we want our focus.

I probably look like a zombie, or out of it on drugs and passers-by have mentioned me looking like I’m “in my own world”, which is rather ironic once you read a bit further.

Even after doing it only a few days I’ve had some interesting experiences.

The first one is noticing that when I focus on the sixth sense I see objects and space ALL around me. Not just in the peripheral vision of my eyeline but also behind me, above and below. It brings to mind the training in Star Wars. “Feel the force, Luke” when he is blind folded and learns to sense movement behind him.

The next experience was completely forgetting the past and not expecting anything in the future. It makes your mind so much less cluttered. As a flock of birds flew overhead, I would hear each individual tweet but immediately forget it and only be focussed on hearing the next tweet happening now and now and now.

I’m trying to understand how these results would affect me if I use it more during my day. If I could sense everything around me front and back all the time, I would probably use my eyes less and be much more aware of what is really going on.

I would not be remembering what I did this morning or yesterday, like it’s not important. If someone asks on Sunday what I did this week, I couldn’t say. How important is it anyway? If I did what I was meant to do, I don’t need to remember it. If I didn’t do it, it was either not important or it will remain there until I do it, so there’s no reason to beat myself up dwelling on what was not done that day. A very curious and new state of mind. Hmm.

Then I noticed another change yesterday when I slipped into my bedroom for a quick 10 minute meditation. I sat on the floor backed up against the bed. Dresser in front of me, mirror to one side, chair on the other, which is all a fairly normal layout. Once I closed my eyes and tuned in to that sixth sense, however, I viewed the world as if I was in a sphere. Like I was floating in the middle of a bubble. I could not only sense the objects around me but the space around me and under the floorboards. I had to think again to check there were floorboards still pressing against my behind and ankles. It was a very odd feeling. I wasn’t afraid. I felt pretty sure this is the feeling we will all become familiar with as we each evolve when we are ready.

Quantum Physicists have shown how each atom in the Universe – be it supposedly solid or just a molecule of air – is mostly energy and only a fraction of it the actual matter or scientific element which we recognise (like iron, carbon or oxygen). So this view of sensing space as well as objects feeling very similar makes a lot of sense following that theory.

I asked during my session with Mercredan, how can we keep our mind focussed on these things and continue with a normal day? Don’t we need to have our mind on our schedules and our To Do list? Our goals and chores? Wouldn’t we forget what to do and we’d all look like zombies?

The answer was that this IS an evolved way of living. When you are in the complete present moment, you are grounded, crystal clear on what you are doing and your intuition is open wide so the Universe can guide you to what is the best thing to be doing next. Whether that is to pursue your own desires or whatever is needed for the bigger picture.

Fascinating stuff!

I mentioned earlier I looked like I was in my own world. Yet, when you think about how we all run around with so much stuff on our minds – what’s happened in our past, what’s happening in other people’s lives, what could happen in the future, whether our mobile phone has enough charge, what we’ll do for dinner tonight – you have to wonder, who is in their own world?? By living in the present moment I am more in this world than every one around me!

Imagine, if we were all living in this state of mind. (I guess the zombie look would wear off as we got better at it.) We would all move in tune with each other, like some great symphony orchestra, intuitively knowing what to do next. A perfectly co-ordinated team working to achieve what we want personally, what humanity needs and what the planet needs. We would also collaborate on creative work in a perfectly aligned way, appreciating the diversity of what each person offered and building upon each idea rather than competing against one another.

This, I believe is where we are heading.

Are you ready to evolve?

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