27 Oct 2014

Office Space Giveaway Competition!

27 Oct 2014
office space competition from small business coaching sydney

Regus North Sydney Coca Cola Place

It’s true! I’ve had a very generous offer from The Regus Group giving away FREE membership to their fabulous offices all around the world. Keep reading to learn how you can enter the Competition.

Regus is a company offering temporary or permanent, shared or private office space and professional collaboration spaces for small to medium sized businesses in 2000 locations around the world. You can use them in so many different ways…

A place to impress

When you have the sort of clients who feel more secure seeing you in a highly professional environment, make this your company address. Receptionists can answer your phone calls, handle your mail and care for your clients when they come to visit you. There are a variety of rooms you can hire on a short term basis like meeting rooms, video conferencing rooms or training rooms of various sizes.

flexible office space for hire SydneyA place to grow

All Regus offices are built with walls that can be moved to allow you to shrink and grow depending on the current workload. So helpful! Got a big job for 6 months? Need to pull in an extra 5-10 people? No problem. They stretch your office space and alter your rates just for those months. Then you can go back to the original size once the job is complete.

A place to drop in

If you are a sole trader / freelancer / travelling salesperson you can use Regus as a place to pop in and use the facilities – phone, wifi, photocopier, printer, video conferencing, kitchens, desk space etc. Relax on the couch with a coffee between appointments or catch up on your notes and email before you finish at the end of the day.

Just like a club, you can use all their other worldwide locations when you are travelling to other cities in the same way.

creative business spaces sydneyA place to create

I loved the way they are constantly seeking to update the interiors of their spaces to keep them inspiring and welcoming. Regus have got their finger on the pulse and recognise the need for spaces where you can meet others, maybe even start projects with them sharing ideas, referrals, connections and skills.


Why am I talking about Regus?

They invited me to view some of their locations here in central Sydney. What impressed me about Regus was that they were genuinely interested in how small business is evolving and were keen to match their services to the changing needs. Make a suggestion and they will listen.

Meeting rooms for hire SydneyTheir spaces vary from highly polished and professional to warm, relaxed and inviting. This diversity gives you great scope to book the environment most suited to the clients you are meeting… not something you can usually do when you have permanent office space.

They have plans to expand into even more accessible locations where you can collaborate creatively which also appealed to me – and probably to you too if you’re my kind of reader.

These spaces reminded me of the restaurants I used to see situated close to ad agencies in the 1980’s where they spread butcher’s paper instead of tablecloths over all their tables and the ad media people could stay there doodling out their ideas with a crayon all afternoon.

Dwelling in a space with like minded individuals which feels relaxing spurs your creativity and opens up more networking opportunities.

How do you enter this Competition?

Competition has now closed.

For more info on their office space and services visit
You’ll be surprised how economical it is to become a member!

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