31 Mar 2014

My Addiction

31 Mar 2014

stress personality and effects on staff turnoverIn my studies last week on the affairs of the world it occurred to me that I have an addiction that needs to be resolved. It’s one so common that we think it is normal. Yet it is the core of what holds us back in our Human evolution. What is it? Let me explain.

During a recent session with a Channeller I was asking a lot of questions about a News item that caught my attention. After some explanation, the channelled entity brought me back to something so simple, so basic, that I constantly forget to do anything about it.

He said our minds are now extremely powerful in how they manifest. Things happen faster than they used to a few years ago. So, every moment of every day has the potential to manifest something.

Every moment I’m spending focussed on gossip, news that doesn’t directly affect me and other miscellaneous stuff is a moment I am adding energy to someone else’s business and a moment I am watering down my own powers to manifest what it is I want for myself or for other people I can personally affect.

I know when I am coaching, in conversation or absorbed in doing an activity I enjoy, I am completely present and mindful to the moment. So much so, that I lose track of time. But, all the rest of the day, I’m either thinking about the past/what’s just happened or the future/what could be.

I used to be a major worry-wart. Someone who worried themselves sick brewing up the worst case scenario. Through Law of Attraction, this is the best way to raise the probability of the worst case scenario actually happening.

So I trained myself to turn that around and think of all the great possibilities instead, which is quite a relief.

Now, the addiction is I spend a massive amount of time daydreaming up all sorts of wonderful scenarios of what could be. So much so, that I more often than not miss out on the present moment altogether.

In Law of Attraction we are taught to spend a few minutes a day at least, imagining what we want to be, do or have. I think we’ve taken this too far. It’s fine to remind ourselves of what we want but the Universe actually only needs to hear it once. You don’t need to ask again.

In fact, the more you focus on what you don’t have, the more you confirm it’s not yours.

The present moment is the only moment you are actually alive

Whenever you’re feeling stressed you can stop the anxiety DEAD in it’s tracks by bringing yourself back to the present moment. If you are in a threatening situation then sometimes stress is a good thing. It puts you on guard, raises your focus and your Fight or Flight instincts could actually save your life.

But, let’s face it. A life threatening situation happens very rarely for the majority of us. Most of the time we are stressing about things that aren’t directly threatening us at the present moment. So being present can be a very powerful way to lower our stress.

It’s also a great way to get back to sleep and it opens our intuition so we are more aware of all the great clues the Universe is giving us which could lead us closer to our desires.

I don’t know how many times the Universe face-palms when throwing me a great clue but I miss it because I’m off thinking about “stuff” and not being present here and now. That Universal Energy must be SO patient.

In one of Esther Hicks (another Channeller) videos, speaking in the spirit’s voice she said

“We sit there saying ‘Ohhhh, did you see that? We had her facing her perfect match walking down the street but she was caught up in her problems of the day, decided to take another route. Missed him by that much!‘”

and you can hear the audience listening to Esther moan and then laugh.

Crap. All of us “missed by that much” how many times in our lives?


How do we become more present?

Let’s try this exercise. Read this through and then try it out.

Stop where you are and become aware of what’s around you by using one of your senses. Don’t judge or make an opinion. Don’t react. Just observe.

  • What do you see? Look and appreciate colours, contrasts, texture, the light, movement, composition of objects.
  • What do you hear? Listen to the sounds close by. Then listen for the sounds underneath in the background.
  • What do you smell? Strong? Subtle? If you focus you can smell products – moisturiser, shampoo, deodorant – even on other people. Or you can smell what you last ate/drank on your breath. No judging now!
  • What do you taste? Sometimes it was the last thing in your mouth. Sometimes it’s related to smells in the air.
  • What do you feel? Think about the surface you are sitting or standing on. Think about what clothes feel like on your skin. Think about the temperature difference between exposed and clothed skin. Feel your heart beat. Feel the throb in your neck. The tingle in your fingers. Really basic stuff.
  • What about your 6th sense? We are all developing our 6th sense a lot more now. See your own potential. Open up to the idea. Feel the vibe of people near you, walls, trees. As you get better at this you can tune into someone you know, even if they’re on the other side of the world, and feel what emotions they are feeling now. That’s pretty cool. As we learn to do that we will no longer need to ask “How are you?” because we’ll know before we speak to them. They can’t lie either.

Just by doing this for a minute or two brings you into the Present moment. If you were really angry, fearful or anxious before the exercise, take a look at how you’re feeling now. When you are fully absorbed in the present moment all those extreme emotions melt away.

If you’re in the habit of getting straight back to the worrying, forgive yourself and do the exercise again. Over and over and over. Have the same patience just the same as the Universe has with you. Unending. 🙂

From this calmer point of view your intuition is more open. You can pick up the clues you were missing before. You can see the world more clearly and be completely aware of what’s really going on.

You can still get things done in your day, follow the appointments in your calendar, do planning. Each activity takes your complete focus though and that brings you to ultimate high performance level with lower stress and great clarity of mind.

Let’s all work on making the new addiction one of being present and ready for anything!

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