18 Sep 2012

Moving into a new way of life – World Shift December 21, 2012

18 Sep 2012

As more and more information comes in about the World Shift in Consciousness, shown on the Mayan Calendar to be December 21, 2012; I find there’s a common theme starting to show.

1) None of the channelled sources can tell us exactly when it’s all going to happen. Certainly, not one of them is committing anything to happen precisely on December 21st.

Why is this? Because you can’t predict the future.

It’s a bit like the movie Sliding Doors. Even the slightest change in decision or action makes a whole new future. Considering each of us decide things spontaneously every instant of the day, the future changes each time one of those decisions are made. The World Shift is definitely going to happen but “when” won’t be confirmed until the time is right.

2) None of the Sources can tell us how it’s going to happen. Apparently this too is up for grabs. It may be caused by a single dramatic event that grabs the attention of several million people and we simultaneously decide to shift together in an instant. Or it could be less exciting and be a gradual process over several months.

One video I’ve recently been pointed to that’s interesting to watch is this one below. It was originally published in 2010 but is still very valid and matches much of what the Sources, including my own teacher Mercredan, are saying.

Here are the points I find most useful at the moment.

They talk about moving from a 3D world to a 5D world which other sources regularly speak about in the same way.

The 3D world where we live right now has a certain structure to it.

  • Duality – What we do right now is judge what is right or wrong, good or bad. I’ve noticed I get the best results from clients when I lead them away from judging what’s happened in the past and simply looking at the event from several different perspectives to understand it better.
  • Linear time – Presently we believe events happen in chronological order. The past is behind us and set in stone. The future is unwritten ahead of us. It’s a bit of a mind bender at the moment to imagine time any other way and we know Physicists bring up the subject often enough but never have anything conclusive to pass on to us. It’s all still a bit of a mystery. But, once we’ve shifted to the new phase we’ll learn how even the past is affected by the decisions we make right now. Once we fully understand that and start to use it then, as Mercredan says, history books will become redundant because we will alter history on a continuing basis. I’m thinking all those times you said to yourself “Gee I wish I’d never said/done that” will be correctable too – Yeh!
  • Rational mind – We spend a lot of time analysing, making comparisons and coming to conclusions. (Look at me, I’m doing it right now in this blog.) We point out someone who can do this well as intelligent. But, when have you pulled in enough information to come to a suitable conclusion? Our new way of being will be to see ALL possibilities, understand it on a deeper level and know clearly what the right thing to do or say is. Phew! What a relief that will be.

The 4th Dimension is one we’ll only pass through in a short amount of time and I see people dipping their toes into it right now. Understanding there is no more important moment than NOW can be really useful when you find yourself worrying or fearing what will happen in the future. If you’re completely focussed on what’s perfect right now (like when you use the Stress Management tool The Perfect Moment for example) there is no room in your mind for worries.

Understanding how much Free Will you have around how you choose to react can be very empowering too which is why I’ve included it in my latest Stress Relief Course (due out in a few weeks).

The 5th Dimension description can look rather woo-woo to us 3D Beings. If you want to round it all up, it’s safe to say (yes, I know I’m coming to a conclusion, don’t hassle me, I’m still a 3D chick!) that life is going to be a lot happier, calmer, clearer and empowering.

It truly will be a whole new way of living and this, I believe is why the Mayan calendar stops.

Enjoy the video. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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