31 Oct 2012

Moving from a 3D world into a 5D world

31 Oct 2012
Parallel universe or parallel universes

Parallel universe diagram

One of the major changes we’ll witness in the coming months is our increased ability to see and understand more of what makes our path or our fate be it in business, romance, health; or in broader scenes like politics, the economy etc.

When we see more background in how we got to where we are right now, the possibilities laid out in the future and the probabilities of which is most likely to happen, we can then make the very best decisions to bend us towards the outcomes we prefer. We’ll also see the consequences of our past actions which will make us a whole lot more responsible about what we do in the future.

I noticed a great example of how this 5D type of thinking will work is modelled perfectly by the character Griffin in the movie Men In Black III. Check it out at your local DVD store.

Here’s another part to the session I had with Mercredan last week. It’s a bit of a mind bender – see how you fare. I’m unsure if the visual representation is completely clear but the more explanations and analogies we’re given the more we will understand the theory.

And, hey, I’d rather try to understand it now than start learning once we’ve acquired the skills.

See what you think…

Explanation of 5D

A = me
M = Mercredan

A: Another video I saw was that we are moving from 3 dimensions to 5 dimensions but there is the step in between of 4.

M: And of course we are talking in the reality that I would at least view. I’m not saying that I am living it but I can at least view dimensions of 13.

A: Oh, is that right? In this change we are going through, how many dimensions are we, would we…

M: I want to say first of all you have to understand the consequence of 4 dimensions. You understand? You already exist in 4. That is because the sequencing of time produces an endless thread of realities in 3 dimensional form.


M: So they take place one after another, of course. Five dimensions holds it up into an overview so that you can perceive from outside of the inner experience. Let us put it this way. In the modern climate as it were, one can look backwards to old events occurring in the thread, in the stream, as if you can remember them in terms of memory. You understand?

A: Yes

M: And to one degree they exist in that form. You might for example be waiting at the crossroads in your car and you can see the vehicles that are passing through there over, let us say, a few minutes. You understand, you can see the impressions still left in the thread and framework of that particular place. Does that make sense?

A: Yes it does.

M: And so let us then step outside of that, then from 5 dimensions one can see the entire sequence threading backwards in time and spreading out in possibilities and probabilities in the future.

A: So you get to see the parallel Universes we were talking about the other day?

M: Let us say then one would have to step yet one step further. That is 6. Because then the threads are paralleled along side one another. This is visually represented of course. You understand of course it is not particularly or specifically like that but from a visual representation you can understand then we can say one thread runs from your left to your right, the other thread runs parallel back to front. So then there are multiple passes. Multiple reaches and each one leaves yet another parallel thread.

A: Yes. And so in the 5th dimension we can see those better, right? We can see all options and make our choices from that?

M: Let us say from the 5th perspective one can oversee one’s life and perceive your parallels. You understand, you cannot see them as such because it requires the extra 6th perspective…

A: 6th perspective?

M: …to perceive it. Do you understand what I mean? In your 4 dimensions one can begin to see the actuality of time by seeing the past streaming as if it is in the present. That is the afterglow, shall we say, of the passing vehicles.

A: And will everybody be able to see that?

M: Let us say, yes, because everybody can already begin to see it if they put themselves in the right potential position.

A: Yep. So I guess once more of us have that hindsight, we’ll understand the consequences of our actions better. Is this what will bring about more responsibility?

M: That is the point.

A: Right

M: You understand? Not only that but then you begin to see parallels and of course the lifetime threads that accumulate in one’s self. So that then begins to make one accountable for one’s actions.

A: Yes. So tell me more about the difference between the 5th and the 6th dimensions.

M: Let us say from the 6th dimension one can see as if solid in many forms of parallel universes.

A: How is that different from the 5th?

M: From the 5th you are only beginning to see the afterglow of it. Do you follow?


M: In the 5th one can see history as a stream. It is truly solid in that form. And the 5th starts to see the afterglow of the alternatives. In the 6th they are quite solid. From that one is starting to see the overall threads of consciousness that coordinate all of it. Do you follow?

A: Yes I do

M: After that it becomes far too unpalatable

A: Unpalatable?

M: for the mind. It is quite unable to see how that might operate.

A: Yes, it will be a big jump, won’t it? That’s a lot to comprehend all at once. You’d have to take a very high view point I guess, like a very broad perspective.

M: Because one cannot truly see more than a single energy beat ahead. So while you sit close to the edge of time, and at some points shift into it and out of it, one can then begin to understand the 6th. Beyond that it is incomprehensible. Does that make sense?

A: It does! It’s very interesting. Very interesting. I think that’s enough for me to chew on for a while on that subject.


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