25 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas to you

25 Dec 2012

Here we are Christmas Day and I really want to thank you for your attention and focus during this extraordinary year of change. The world is wading through so many issues right now. Much of them has been challenging to us all, if not to experience then, to witness.

The time for challenges is by no means over. We have more to come, but we can face those challenges so much easier when we do it together.

Each person on this planet, no matter how young, how meagre, needy or evil you judge them to be, has something good to offer the world. Today is a great day to not just give thanks for those people but to openly acknowledge them.

It’s only when even one person sees them as a contributor that they can blossom and find that good thing they have to offer so they can put it into action.

So go ahead. Smile. Give a word of encouragement. Offer a hand of help. That is the true spirit of Christmas and what we are about to discover more deeply than ever before over the coming month.

Enjoy the day!
Love without limit or conditions.

Merry Christmas 🙂

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