14 Oct 2014

Mercredan on Two Planet Earths

14 Oct 2014

energetic earth crystalline nodes nodal gridWow! Spectacular discussion yesterday with Mercredan on how our planet is separating. This is odd to me. I had the impression that “as the tide rises, all ships rise”. But, being on a planet based on Free Will, each person has the CHOICE to decide if they will rise with the new tide or go down with the old ships that cannot maintain themselves.

You’ll see the reference to Climate Change expressing how out of balance we are. Mercredan said previously that Climate Change will calm down once we have our energies more balanced. Does that mean once the “old” energies have killed each other off? Hm. Not sure how long that is going to take.

I love the reference to History’s great teachers offering “dead end paths” so that those who are not ready for the teaching cannot misuse the information. This has been repeated in many places: the Old Testament gospel used in Judaism, the Bible and the Koran; Nostradamus quatrains and the Book of the Dead. Some of them are quite frank in saying “fools will mis-interpret this”. You can see examples of people mis-interpretating in the media even today.

I also got a pat on the head for all the progress I have been making on this extraordinary journey of exploring over the past years. It’s nice to know I’m on the right track and have set up something magnificent for myself not too far in the future.

The message again came to turn away from the material. As a 3D human this is still difficult to completely grasp. Yet, as I turn away from it I find so much more support arrives to cover everything I need.

I don’t think it’s about throwing out all your possessions and wandering the earth like Disciples. I think it is more likely to mean making a concerted effort to spend as much time as you can doing what you love rather than doing it for money. If it brings you lots of money as well, then great!

In looking at what jobs people in my circles have been instinctively turning towards over the past 12 months, it’s almost like God’s shopping list. At the moment we need another 3,000 bee keepers, 5,000 to clean up the oceans, 1,000 more inventors of alternative energy solutions, 5,000 new musicians to write “happy” music to lift the vibe …

These jobs are being given to people through their intuition. It’s what their heart is telling them to do. They may not necessarily have a logical explanation for why they are being drawn into that work but if you look at the big picture of what this planet needs to get back into balance, it makes perfect sense.

This is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to listen in to your own heart centre and find what you love to do. The days of doing a job to pay the bills is far less important now, believe it or not and, if you take the leap of faith, you will find more support than you could possible imagine.

Mercredan transcript

with Annabelle Drumm
13 October 2014 10.50am Sydney time



M: Good morning. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. I want to begin by announcing that, you are correct, there are many threads, many balls up in the air, many ideas flowing and many thoughts in conflict. Your whole planet is sitting, weighing itself in the bounce because nothing is as certain as always thought. So many groups have come together to try to stem the flood. Yet it is not yet recognised that it is energetic. So the energetic pulses that make up universal structure is at the under core of what is occurring all over your planet.

Climate Change

You think for example that climate change is a material function rather than an energetic release. So what is actually arising is the heated nature of international politics which releases energetic forms in terms of your earthquakes, your volcanic activity, the boiling over of your inner structures and also what is cyclonic. And cyclones, as such, are quite useful in terms of their ability to sort that which is of heavy nature against that which is lighter.

You understand that each one of these is a metaphysic. That is, it is a metaphor of life. I think that will begin an interesting conversation.

Making your Choices

A: (laughs) I think it’s a wonderful start. Thank you. In looking at the huge amount of threads, I wondered if I can start with myself. I did dream a couple of days ago that I had choices and that each choice would be ok which would still lead me in the right direction eventually. Is there anything you can add to that in the form of guidance?

M: Let us say this. Because I am going to tie it in to our cyclonic nature. That is, one has to avoid at all costs heavy nature. The heaviness that can easily arise from considering one’s material success. When one is attached to the material then as the psychic situation begins to fluctuate one is thrown further from the central core. Less is best. You understand what I mean? So one will actually gain more by being lighter in oneself. Does that help?

A: Yes

M: So, in terms of our most important consideration, one is looking for freedom. Freedom to express oneself. Freedom to be holy as you say you are. Freedom for honesty. And, as the World begins to recognise that there are two particular specific alternatives and as the alternate realities separate themselves out, you will discover which Universe you are actually inside of. Do you understand what I mean?

Because it is extraordinarily subtle. You will not see it. Only you will watch as the Old Order seems to settle and release itself and seemingly die off. Yet, in reality, it is assuming dominance in a separate alternative play. One that is unlikely to survive, of course, because when one simply is always at war, eventually one will destroy everything. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Um yes. So its not worth spending even a second complaining about it then really, is it? (laughs)

M: Not at all because all one has to be aware of is one’s decisions determine which Universe you populate.

A: Yes, so in order to favour the lighter plain or Universe, are we essentially 1) turning away from the material and 2) looking for a lighter way of living. So, looking for more fun stuff to do.

Letting go of your identity

M: Let us say this. One is beginning to release the Self identification. You understand. When one realises that as a unit you are not separate from your environment, from your social orders, from your families and so on, then you begin to recognise that a unitary force looks after all. You understand that, as it turns out, many of those that are seemingly aggressive of course, choices will separate them into the alternative world as it begins to become a more formal separation. Dissolving away. Losing touch as it were, with those one has no longer any significant connection with.

Two Planets Same Space

A: And yet we all exist on the same… space? The same planet?

M: Mm. Let us say as the separation occurs there will of course be two planets as such occupying the same space as it were in different orientations. Do you understand what I mean?

A: And how long would it stay… I mean approximately in decades or centuries, that we will both exist together in the same space?

M: Let us say this. There are already alternatives at different vibrations as such that exist in the same alternative space.

A: So, more than two?

M: Of course but, in your case, the separation is a lifting to a new plain of excitement.

A: It is! Every day feels exciting at the moment.

M: You understand then that the energies that are being released in the physical world are accessible to the psychic frame of mind. Then one can begin to clear out the limiting belief systems that hold you to a solid basic.

Bending Time

A: Are there any specific limiting beliefs you can point out to me which will help me move at a faster rate?

M: The solid world, as it stands, is a reference point. As one becomes clearer about the points that one is referring to, one is more capable of greater travel. Then, you may indeed find yourself being asked to travel greater distances and one will find it more convenient, as it were, to alter what you would call a span of time. Do you understand?

For example, if you were flying in your own way to a particular place that might take a day or so to reach, then one might distort the time as it is experienced so that it is but seemingly just a few of your hours. Then one’s experience of travel is much more compressed. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Yes

M: You understand. So it is that one begins to shift the “solidised”, crystallised forms that you consider real. Time then, once it begins to be more flexible as we have already discussed, alters the shape of space and in such a way releases a certain propensity to limit the inflow of energy. So one then shifts towards consciousness.  One is less needing of the solid form and then can be more influential.

A: Mmm!

Staying Connected to the Solid World

M: You are beginning then to lose your connection with what I will call “the sensible world”. Because when you are beginning to operate in new dimensions you do not want to lose touch.

A: No

M: The solid world offers certainties that one will not find within the conscious framework. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Not completely but I’m sure I will eventually.

M: Let us say, the reason I am saying this is the very reason that one created a solid boundaries in the first instance. That is, a playing field that one could rely on. A field to play on. A ball to play with and some aim or goal at either end. So you can struggle, you can perfect, you can learn skills all within a certain time frame so that you can measure your improvements. As you begin to move to a new level one would then begin by becoming the Referee.

A: (laughs)

M: The Referee then simply does not take part as much as maintains the rules of engagement, as it were and makes sure that everybody is following them. You understand?

A: yes

M: So at a certain point then there is an overview of the entire series of games. You understand what I am saying? There are then, shall we call it, your League of Games with various appointments, various challenges, different styles. And one begins to learn a greater degree of flexibility about how one would play the game. You understand?

A: yes

M: So there is, therefore, a lot to be gathered from our illustration. As always illustrative discussions provide the proper method for gathering what one has learned and seeing how it applies. Do you follow? Then such a method allows one to project one’s insights and find agreements within the illustration.

Dead End Teachings

M: One begins to stitch life’s cloth together using the cottons one has been given. One then uses what is there, makes sure one understands and that one is always managing oneself. For this reason, and I am going to use the great Master himself. The great teachers all drop what are called “dead end paths” in amongst the teachings. They are designed, of course, to protect knowledge from those who would indeed misuse.

A: Yes

M: So along the way one always to be aware to discern the pathway. Always to listen carefully to what is being said. You will discover then and remember over all of our discussions how little I have actually told you.

A: Yes (laughs)

M: You understand? I have put in the framework patterns from which you can discern the knowledge and you realise it because of the inner “resonations” that you have. The inner-sense (innocence) of completeness. So you have created your own path, as we have guided, by many clues. Do you follow?

A: I love the way you do that.

M: Every clue that you follow leads you to the next clue which always tells you that you have understood correctly. That is how all teaching must be.

A: Yes, that is brilliant. I am very inspired to teach that way though I feel I don’t teach that way myself… I’m not sure actually. I don’t know … When I’m in the moment I forget what I’ve said so I don’t know how I am teaching. (laughs)

M: Of course and that is the point. Who are you teaching anyway? You teach best what you need to learn.

A: Yes.

M: Of course, that is such a truth that has been said so many times and IGNORED so many times.

A: yes

M: So it is wise to listen carefully to what you say

A: Right

M: so that you can really perceive the layers upon layers that the conscious mind delivers to itself from the great unconscious field from which everything arises.

A: Yes. Ok. This has been a wonderful conversation today! It’s delightful.

M: I was just going to say that myself. Such a wonderful conversation.

Chinese Year of the Horse

A: It is! It is. Like I said, every day feels exciting at the moment and you spoke at the beginning of the year, of this Chinese year, being about charging ahead. I’d watched people around me charging ahead like they were taking the leap of faith and I thought “What about ME?”  I feel like I am there now. I have jumped. I am ready.

M: You understand this. It is much easier to jump if you have put a saddle on the horse.

A: (laughs)

M: If you have taken the time to prepare yourself then when you jump, what a beautiful jump it is. What a great round that one has. How… mmm…

A: graceful!

M: “graceful” is the word, that the horse looks.

A: Mm. Is there anything more I need to do to add my saddle?

M: I want to say this. Having put on the saddle, having got yourself into the stirrups, then take charge. There is such a beautiful saying: “Take charge and let the horse have its head.

A: Let the horse have its head?

M: That is correct. That is let the horse have the freedom.

A: Yes

M: because you are so much in command. You are not reigning the horse in so it has to follow and do your bidding but to give it its freedom to show you its step. And so much further, so much faster.

A: Yes, yes. Lovely advice, thank you Mercredan.

M: I think that is enough for today.

A: That completely fills me up. I am very satisfied. Thank you so much.

M: Then once again we will adjourn our conversations and in the meantime PRACTICE IS IMPORTANT. Then, thank you and good morning.

A: Good morning. Thank you.



Another excellent description of the duality of the Earth at the moment by Katie Gallanti.

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