03 Feb 2014

Mercredan on World Consciousness Shift 2014

03 Feb 2014

Annabelle Drumm with Francis Evans and MercredanWow, this one blew me away and I will need to run through it a couple of times to fully understand, I think. Before this broadcast, the channeller Francis and I were swapping knowledge on what we know so far about the change in the paradigm around time and space on Earth.

As usual, Mercredan, the channelled entity from 13th dimension, picked up on our conversation and continued before I could ask the questions.

Hey, you ask a sophisticated question, you’re going to get a sophisticated answer!

Essentially, manifestation has sped up with the collapse of time and space. You are more powerful now with your thoughts than you were before the Shift so be VERY aware of what thoughts you choose to stew upon.

If you notice you have thoughts that are not serving you well, like fear, doubt, criticism or judgement for example, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, check in to see if its become a pattern and work on how you can turn that around to something which serves you better.

Just yesterday I was stewing on someone’s behaviour which is irritating me a lot. I became aware of it, took a few seconds to turn my focus towards what I do WANT. Then, I would normally say to myself, “Hey great! I’m no longer thinking about —.” but, I am delighted to say I had forgotten what I had been thinking about before. This is how powerfully and quickly it is changing within our minds so, be vigilant in teaching yourself better serving thinking habits and your manifestations in 2014 will blow your mind.  🙂

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Transcript below…

Broadcast Mercredan session
3 February 2014
Transcribed by Annabelle

Prior to recording, Francis and Annabelle were having a conversation around how time and space have collapsed in theory and we wondered how that could be best explained and noticed.

We were also talking about tuning in to someone on the other side of the world and being able to feel their emotions, even if we can’t yet see what’s going on. We assume that will be possible as our skills get stronger. This only seems to work when the other person is allowing you to see (so far). Like in remote Reiki you must get their permission before you send them healing, we assume you must also get permission to see what’s going on.

Mercredan has launched straight in to answering these ponderings before Annabelle got the chance to ask the question. 🙂

Episode 38


A: (Hello this Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm.) I’m coming to you for the first session of 2014 with Master Channeller Francis Evans who is channelling Mercredan for us today, an entity from the 13th Dimension here to give us some new lessons on what’s happening in the world today.

M: Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. The conversation that you began this time with suggests as if you are not up with the consciousness play. Yet, I want to say that within consciousness, within yourself, you are always ready for the conversation that you begin. Though, I want to begin by talking a little bit about communication at the next level of connection.

A: OK, sounds good.

Connecting with other People through Consciousness

M: So often you limit self. All the connections are in place. However, the limitation to one’s agreements keep certain frameworks out of existence. For example, as soon as you can think of somebody there is a connection between the two. That is, you begin to consider your own emotional connection and immediately they are, shall we say, tapped in even if beneath consciousness. As soon as that happens you begin to understand what is occurring. You begin to simulate. That is, you begin to understand the emotional content and, as soon as that occurs, one might even tap in to the events as they occur. And, that is not so out of belief as you might think. What has become called “remote viewing” is of course using such acceptable lines of communication. However, that is a little beside the point of your original questions because one wants to understand how time might cease to occur.

A: Yes, indeed.

Time and Space

M: That, of course, is part of the components brought about by the existence of materiality. That is, as soon as something exists in a spacial context then, of course, it exists over what you would call a span of time. All things then have a limited existence whether that is an electron in transition or a universe in existence. All has a limited period of existence. That is the span of time. The spacial component then, is part of the complexity of what is essentially the descent of consciousness into real existence, into material expression. Does that make sense?

A: Mmm. I’m struggling with this today. It’s a physics lesson.

M: It is physics at its primal best. Shall we say your famous formula:

Energy = material mass x what was essentially called the speed of light by itself. Squared. (E = MC2)

A: Yes

M: However, let us expand that.

Energy consciousness = materialization x the speed of time x the spacial component. Each equal to itself.

That is, space and time if they were to have a value, one is equal to the next. There is then a period that is the exponential of a movement over its progressed spacial distance. Does that seem to make some form of sense.

A: Yes. So are you speaking of time and space as they are right now or was it any different before our tipping point? (December 2012 Shift)

M: Not at all. The point is that Consciousness is on the other side of your equation. As soon as you cease to measure time then the spacial component disappears and with it all materialization. You understand? Then one is living within the Consciousness world of exploration. One immediately understands that as soon as one considers, one thinks, one believes into existence; the space and time for that to occur has to be present. You understand? To create reality it is not just a matter of forcing it or forming it in your imagination but, it requires a time and a space for it to exist within. Then one has to create within a period of time. You understand? Otherwise one has to create the situation, the environment in which that can occur. Does that make sense?

A: But if we are no longer measuring time…

M: I am here in terms of Consciousness exploring physicality. As soon as Consciousness ceases to need a descent into physicality then it might form itself in its own frame of Consciousness. That is, it will imagine and realise the consequences within that imaginary world. Do you understand what I mean? And, to a large extent, your dream experiences mirror this concept. In other words…

A: Mmm. Yes. I’d love to talk about dreams more another time. I want to try and keep with what you’re saying now though. Um…

M: You understand, what I am saying is that the physical reality is a component of space and time. When time ceases, that is when everything becomes moment by moment, one merges with Consciousness, then the spacial orientation is no longer pertinent. One rises up in Consciousness itself.

A: So providing there is no resistance, whatever you choose to put yourself in vibrational match with, is kind of instantly yours? Is that what you’re saying?

M: I am saying that as soon as you release physical manifestation then time / space disappears. Let us put it this way. On one side of your equation, that is physicality, space and time; any one of those approaches the minimal, that is zero, that immediately shifts one into Consciousness. Do you understand. That is the point of integration. Mathematically and within consciousness. Integration is setting aside the differences. That is, one is no longer differentiating between this thing and that other thing. Both mathematically and practically, in order to exist one has to be separate from the rest of existence.

A: Yes

M: As soon as one merges, as soon as one integrates, then one or other of your three components: materiality, space and time; approaches zero level and consciousness is attained. Do you understand what I am saying?

A: I’m starting to get the hang of it, yes.

M: It is all quite mathematical.

A: Yeah

Connecting to Past Lives

M: Understanding that then puts one in the position of understanding that one, as Consciousness, might differentiate anywhere in the Universes of time and space. Then one begins to see the whole in terms of its relationships, one thing to the next. Then one starts to understand, shall we call it for practical purposes, the soul’s journey. Then one starts to see the relationship of the soul between every component of its journey in time and space. Then lifetimes become conversant with each other. Each one representing specific emergences. I want to make sure that you understand there are two meanings in that word emergences. Do you follow?

A: Ok. Tell us.

M: As one emerges it is a critical point. Emergency is when one manifests a critical point in the soul’s evolution. One does not need therefore to emerge at every moment in time and history or in every location. The emergency occurs when time and location are important enough.

A: So if most of our souls have had several or many lives on this planet, for example, in each of those lives, have they had at least one emergence within them?

M: Let us say each one of those lives is the emergence. It is the emergency.


M: You understand? For example, if one emerged in the great period of… shall we say in the “Egyptian”, as you understand it, time, when time for many reasons could be said to have stood still, then the next emergency is likely to be within a period in which many things and events are occurring in a rapid succession.

A: Right so does that mean we are likely to only have one life in the Egyptian period?

M: Let us say in the main that is most likely.

A: Right

M: Remembering of course that lifetimes are in essence resonances of the present moment in experience. That is, Consciousness as it is aware of itself in the present moment.

A: Yes, I think you have explained that to me once before where, as we evolve in this life we are changing the other lives as well.

M: Of course and one resonates with different occurrences from different perspectives because in the end, nothing exists at all.

A: (laughs)

M: It is all imaginary. Do you understand what I mean by that?

Consciousness Now And In The Future

M: So, in the new paradigm, in the new epoch Human soul contact is quite different. One begins to understand the nature of resonancy. Then, one begins to understand how to create realities that are both co-operative and productive. You are beginning to see this occurring at a wider and wider range of experience. That is business and corporations and countries and so on are accumulating together in order to expand co-operation. You understand? That, then, is the Shift and it is a Quantum Shift in Consciousness.

A: Yes, we’ve been fighting each other for so many millennium wanting power and advantage over others. It’s very very different.

M: You understand. However, what is occurring more and more is that humans are living more life in Consciousness than in materiality. That is the first step. Eventually you will live in Consciousness or rather you will be focussed in the Consciousness that already creates yourself. Then you will be able to understand and connect with every resonant lifetime existing. Then all things in history begin to, shall we call it, “shake down” into alignment and certain frames of resistance will of course begin to drop away. In the great cycles of events this is called the beginning of the Golden Resurrection.

A: Why is it called Resurrection?

M: Because it is returning to its original form. The spirituality that underlines everything is coming endlessly to the fore. Then a great cycle is beginning to respond.

A: Right

M: I want to say that is probably much more than you can take.

A: (laughs) I’m going to have to listen to this one again.

M: You’ll be thinking about that some more.

A: It’s wonderful. Thank you Mercredan.

M: Then thank you for your time and shall we also add for the work that you do both inside and outside of our times together. Thank you and have a pleasant moment.

M: Thank you so much Mercredan.


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