06 Jan 2014

Mercredan on 2014 Shift of Consciousness

06 Jan 2014

2014 predictions 5d world shift of consciousnessFrom time to time I get together with Master Channeler Francis Evans to get a higher perspective of the world and it’s changing shift in consciousness. This work took me a while to get used to. It was weird talking to an entity which has not lived on Earth before and seems to have little connection to the Channeler. Francis has no memory of what is said. He is trusting enough to put his own ego aside for the time we are talking and is as fascinated as I am when we put a transcript together of what was said afterwards. More on Mercredan here.

It was a great episode today. We started by talking about the recent flip in the sun’s polarity (you can see by the first few things he says that he already knows what I’m going to ask – this is normal) and then moves on to possibilities for the Earth and Human Race for 2014.

No one can predict what exactly will happen these days, nor how it will happen. In a 5D world events are only possibilities. The ones discussed here are important though and reminds me of the instruction he gave two years ago how important it is for all of us to have at least one month supplies (food, water, medication and an independent source of heat) in our homes at all times. This is not building fear. You can see from the increasingly crazy weather around the world it is simple common sense.

I’ll post a transcript on this page at a later date.

It’s only about 20 minutes this time. Enjoy!

If you want to watch us broadcast LIVE we generally do it this time of year at 3.30pm PST on a Sunday here on the YouTube channel.

For private sessions with Francis Evans on Skype video book here:

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