13 Nov 2013

Mercredan: How solar flares affect us

13 Nov 2013

Mercredan psychic spirit medium channeller Here’s the latest channeling session today from Mercredan via Master Channeller Francis Evans. We’ve had a lot of solar flares lately. Even in the first week of November we apparently had 8 M-class Solar Flares and 1 X class Solar Flare which is extremely active.

We know for sure that solar flares affect our electricity and can cause massive power outages across the world. I wanted to check in with Mercredan how they are affecting us as individuals – we are magnetic and electric beings after all.

In this episode Mercredan also talks about the huge storm that has just hit the Philippines, human awakening, finding your higher state of awareness, plus there is a great continuation (13:56) from the exercise he gave in this earlier channeling session about learning to sense our place within the environment to lower stress and allow in what we most want.

Many of you have said Mercredan’s words are easier to read than to listen to. I will add a transcript to the bottom of this post once it is available.

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Transcript by Susan Worth

A:  Hello, this is Kitegirl, Annabelle Drumm, and I’m here with Master Channeler Francis Evans who’s going to  bring through Mercredan for us today.  I thought I would talk to Mercredan about his view on the solar flares that have been happening and how they might affect us.  So we’ll just wait for Francis to be ready, and then we’ll listen to Mercredan.

M:  Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.  Activity is within consciousness, and that is the prevailing element that pervades your universe.  In the present context of history as you know it, your science is looking to find it, because it is related to things (or what is considered to things), dark matter and dark energies.  Of course both are essentially the same thing.  Nothing exists in consciousness.  Nothing exists until consciousness itself comes into being.  Enough for us to begin.

A:  Okay.  I wanted to ask you today about solar flares.  I’ve been given the impression from others that this is what may be affecting the world on many levels, including us individually.  I was wondering if you could explain that a little more as to how it is that it affects us individually.

M:  Certainly.  Let’s begin by recognizing such massive bodies are not innate things, not simply matter producing and releasing energy.  Such beings are living qualities on scales so far beyond understanding that human consciousness cannot conceive of that possibility.  And such beings then, like all living things, communicate within their own environments.  Communication then calls others to its framework of reference, whether that is animal, plant, or crystals or other so-called innate objects.

So the solar being itself causes life to exist.  It is, then, the center of your being.  And as such relates to your inner qualities of life that floods through individuals in ways that often “flare up” in the process.  So when there is something to be “potentized” — I do not want to use the word “upset,” although to a certain degree that also is the truth.  Let us say then as this communication occurs, it sends out its message across its being out into the wider community that it is existent within — that is, initially one’s galaxy and to a greater, further extent, the universe as a whole. Yet as with any family, of course, the major influence occurs within its own boundaries, that is within its own system.  Fluctuations then, managing to influence and effect all of its “children” shall we say — the planets and other objects that exist within the fluctuations of its being.  The field of the solar wind, its solar message shall we say, goes well beyond the boundaries that you perceive of as itself.

A:  Okay.  So if we — whenever it does “potentize,” can you give us some idea on how it is that it affects each of us individually?

M:  First of all, it fluctuates and its message is heard by the electromagnetic atmospheres of which you are majorly a part of, not only because one exists within a great being itself with its own field of expression, but also because every communication whatsoever is managed by the, in your case, electro-magnetic pulses.  Your thinking in your mind is electro-magnetic; the sensate of your heart is electro-magnetic; and the physical body is made up of interactions of electro-magnetic inner field which you have filled with such magnetic frequencies — radio waves and so on.

A:  It sounds like a lot of influence on things; so if it’s in our minds and our hearts, it can cause confusion and health problems…

M:  Of course.  Disturbance in patterns. When humanity is off track, then such a message from the universe that is translated by your solar being, shall indeed influence that body that is called the planetary guardian, and as such effect every being on its surface, including conditions, because environmental conditions are at the root of all communication.  Then as you can see, your patterns of weather are significantly affected by your lack of ability to resonate with your planetary being.

A:  So if we could find a way to get more people on the planet to resonate with the planet, are you saying then the weather patterns would calm down?

M:  Of course.  Because you think the weather is outside of your behaviors, and it is not, even at the physical level, let alone at the emotional and mental frameworks.  Everything interacts with everything else.  There is no exception.  So even as one human being awakens, it sends pulses of recognition into deep universe.  The —- (?) of all things, then, is affected by that.  Everybody is responsible.

A:  Yes.  So I’m keen to find ways to wake up.  It’s obviously not an overnight process.  Sometimes I feel like I’m resonating really well, and the next time I’m really upset.

M:  Let us say this.  Waking up is simply like waking up.  That would sound a little silly, but you are fast asleep in the morning and your alarm clock wakes you up.  You are fully awake, even though a bit drowsy.  And until you orientate yourself to the waking state, you could remain in the half sleep, still lying in your bed and partially dreaming of a future.  Do you understand, partly processing, and yet not alert to the environment that you find yourself in.

A:  A lot of the time we just want to roll over and go back to sleep again.  It feels easier than being challenged with the day.

M:  On the other hand, if when one were to wake up, instead of going into one’s present storyline, one was simply to put everything aside, to force oneself into the present, to view your condition — that is your room — and taking in everything.  That is, to put your attention on items, to feel their expressions, not just the physical space that they exist within, but the prescience of that moving into the world.  That is, what its purpose and representation is, how it senses, how it impacts on the physical environment, that space that is shared.  Do you understand what I mean?

A:  Just a little bit.  But I guess this is the waking up.  Seeing all the different parts of the world and being to understand their relativity.

M:  And your connection with them.  That is the point.  We have already talked about the field of influence given by objects:  the tree or the fence or your gate or your house and your doorway, and so on.  Everything has a place, a sense of its selfness and that is what I am suggesting, that your creating connection with its sense of selfness, then one begins each morning in the world of connection.  Then you can feel the sense of containment, shall we say, within the space you occupy — that is, you’re free to move within space, but of course every location has a different sensate.  Do you follow what I mean?

A:  Hmmm…

M:  Let us put it more practically.  You are lying in your bed.  You can look at your room from that horizontal position.  When you stand up outside, then you have a new location, a different relationship to your world.  You move toward the doorway, and then you have yet another position within that framework, and everything takes on a different state from each location.

A:  Is it possible to be…  I was doing some walks through the park and seeing the trees, and I’m a beginner, but I found I was sensing things above and below me and places where my eyes couldn’t see, so I guess if I got better, that I’d be…

M:  Of course.  Totally involved in the world.  You would become “awake” in the world.

A:  But is it possible to do that and still carry on with everyday life and doing your…

M:  Of course, one is what is called in the higher state of awareness. Of course it takes practice, not to drop in and lose one’s sense of presence.  Do you follow what I mean?

A:  Yes.  I think because I’m just a beginner — not that it took effort, but that if I went on to my everyday work, I would sort of forget about it.

M:  Of course.  Because one is sinking into one’s patterns, one’s actions. If you can remain at that place in your interactions with others, then they will sense a sense of your presence.  That is called presence, that is called attraction.  Then you are attractive because you are alive and in the moment, in the actual experience, rather than in what is most often called the —-  (?) of the living.

A:  Okay.  I hadn’t heard it being explained that way before.  So if I can take this back to the solar flares.  That’s a much larger body, and if it’s going to be affecting us when it’s doing its flares, what advice can you give us for resonating and making it through those flarey times?  I think about the small version of that is me as a mother pulverising (I meant potentizing), that my children will cringe and try to move into a different room, how can we do that when the sun is doing the same thing?

M:  Let us say, every flare-up is a request for someone to hear.  To listen to the message.

A:  Even the sun?

M:  Of course.

A:  What does the sun want to tell us?

M:  Obviously the sun as its solar nature, that is as its life-bearing quality, is trying to awaken, to bring in what you would call the light.  Do you follow?  It IS the light.  Everything that is on your planet that shines the light arises from the sun!  Even your electricity arises from the sun.  Even the breakdown of that growth factor caused initially by the sun will break down towards various components.  In this case we are talking about gasses, combustible gasses that could be burned to create light, still comes initially from the sun. Every bit of light, every awakening comes from the sun.

The soul, then, is awakening!  And how else can you awake in a sleepy boudoir, a sleepy dormitory, except by shouting, “GET UP!”  Do you understand, GET UP!  How many times have I told you to get out of bed?  Because lessons are being held.  A new era, a new epoch, I’ve called it this for a very profound reason.  Because it is not the continuation of an ongoing moment-by-moment growth, but it is an evolutionary shift beyond that which has occurred in your recent memory — that is, the memory of the last ten thousand years.  Yes, of course, it has happened previously, but not in your historical times.  You are on the edge of the greatest epoch of all, what is called The Awakening.

A:  Do you think that it will…  I know you’ve told us before about things that will take up to a thousand years to happen.  Are there things that will be happening short term, say in the next year or so, that we will notice?

M:  You are already noticing things:  a call for truth.  Everything is being put on the platter as it were.  You are taking more autonomy; even your technology is setting you free at the same time as it is being used to entrap you.

A:  And yet there seem to be more and more governments trying to censor what we get from our technology.

M:  Of course, but the technology is beyond control by anybody.  It is in what you would call the public domain.  And every attempt will be foiled by somebody, and given back, and so it goes on.  There is no way forward except for autonomy, responsibility, accountability, and as I have said, transparency.  Though it is not something that anyone can decide on, it is the universal point of contact that the solar being has called forth.

A:  Marvellous.

M:  Those frequencies that are being used are not even safe from its polarities, from its drive, because such a great being as your solar master, shall we say, such flares are not just an angry response.  They are the call for a greater future.

A:  Wow.  That’s a positive view of it.

M:  Of course.  Because such spiritual beings do not lower themselves to such mundane and human qualities.

A:  Right.  Thank you Mercredan.  Is there anything that you’d like to finish with?

M:  I want to say, each time we talk we are building a deeper context, filling in the frameworks.  And if you take care to listen, you will hear a route out of the quagmire.

A:  Yes.  Thank you Mercredan.  I’m delighted we get to record these so we can go back through sessions.

M:  And thank you for your support and work.

A:  You’re welcome.  So there it is.  We’re up to #33 now, so subscribe it you would like to hear more Mercredan. These sessions have changed and evolved as we’ve gone along. It feels a lot more clear to me now, and hopefully it does to you, too.  Send questions if you have them.  Sometimes we can do a specific topic, and sometimes we just let Mercredan decide these things.   Thanks for listening in.

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