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Annabelle Drumm High Performance Executive Coaching Sydney AustraliaKitegirl Coach Annabelle Drumm
offers Mentoring for Professional Coaches.
Do you need help in branding yourself?
Growing your business?
Managing a difficult client?
Refining what direction you want your career to go?
Read on…

For Newbie Coaches

Coaching is currently one of the World’s fastest expanding industries with thousands of people getting qualified every month and vying for the business. We know you want to help people. We know you’ve put all the money and effort into getting certified to help them. Many coaching schools can teach you coaching skills but don’t have the practical experience of setting up a viable solo entrepreneur business. How do you plan to get enough new clients to finally give up your day job?  What makes you stand out?

Mentor Annabelle Drumm can help you find what’s unique in your offering and spot your potential for accelerated growth. Once you can see your strengths, others will see them too and you will naturally draw in the right clients to be working with. Annabelle can also help you get your business rolling by assessing your marketing, internal and external business processes so you’re spending more time earning money and less time doing all the other ‘no money’ jobs of running a business.

Read Annabelle’s bio here on LinkedIn to view her business experience.


For Established Coaches

When you’ve been coaching for a while and find yourself in demand, it’s hard to say no to clients. After all, you want to offer the best service you can but when the demands start to feel like a chore and work isn’t fun anymore it’s time to lift out of the detail and take a look at your big picture with fresh eyes.

Mentor Annabelle Drumm is expert at seeing things from multiple perspectives. When you do this with your own life and business you understand it better, can make strong, clear decisions about what you prefer and how you’re going to shift it in as short a timeframe as possible.

Annabelle is also experienced in setting up products such as online video or audio training courses, new websites like this one, iPhone apps, CDs, books and webinars. You can work with her to find your best material to share with a larger public in the most appropriate medium and create some extra income for yourself.

Self coaching can only take you as far as your own perspective. Broaden that perspective by working with Kitegirl.

Packages available

Annabelle can offer you a single session if you have a single issue to solve.

For maximum effectiveness it is recommended you work with her for 6 months or 12 months so she can support you through the transformation. Justifying the investment is not hard to do. It could make a difference of thousands of dollars extra income, increased recreation time, clarity on who you are and what your business model is, boosted confidence, happiness and peace of mind. Read Testimonials.

  • Refining Direction – talk once a month
  • Gradual Transformation – talk 2-3 times a month
  • Accelerated Transformation-  talk 4+ times a month including accountability calls as needed.

A 6 or 12 month Transformation series allows you to contact her between sessions for additional support or to solve problems as they arise.

How do I get started?

  1. Contact Annabelle by clicking here. The email from this contact form goes directly to her and she will contact you within 1-2 working days Mon-Fri to book an initial chat. (That is Sun-Thurs for USA)
  2. Have the initial chat. This will take 30-45 minutes face to face, by phone or video skype. You get to ask any questions and discuss what you’d like to achieve. You can both decide if you want to work together – it must be a mutual agreement – and if you want to go ahead you can decide which package best matches your desires and budget.
  3. Book the first session. Check your time zones and if there are any changes to those time zones during the months you will be working – many countries change daylight savings on different dates.
  4. Payment. You can pay by EFT, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Bitcoin or Paypal. Details will be on the invoice she emails through to you and needs to be completed prior to the first session or as by arrangement.


If either you or Kitegirl need to cancel part way through your series you will receive a refund for the complete months paid for but unused. If you received a discounted rate, the discount applies to the final month working backwards.

WARNING: A good Mentor is not always someone you like, but someone who gets you through the tough times and out the other side to a better life and business. Just like you’ve found with your own clients, addressing the sticky issues or having a session when you least feel like it is often the times you make the most progress!

Voice your issues. Let her know when things are feeling too difficult or you don’t know what to do. After years of advanced self development, Annabelle knows what it feels like to be lost, stuck, an idiot, frustrated, embarrassed, vulnerable etc. Also be brave enough to state if the way she is working does not feel appropriate. Being strong enough to admit this and keeping the communication open allows her to give you full support in finding the light at the end of the tunnel. She works with very big clients the same way and is committed to confidentially guiding you to where you want to go.

Send a personal email to Annabelle by clicking here now.

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