30 Oct 2013

Making money without hard work

30 Oct 2013

making money without working hardI hadn’t had a session with Mercredan (via Master Channeler Francis Evans) for a while so booked one in for this week. We just did half an hour which was quite refreshing. I usually come out of an hour long session with my brain completely full and a strong desire to go to sleep just to process it all.

This session Mercredan spoke about how money does not necessarily come because you “work hard”. This is an old belief which does not serve and tends to make more workaholics in the world who very rarely get wealthy because of it.

The evening after the session I stopped to talk to one of my sons about his view on what it would be like to have lots of money. The overall impression was surprisingly negative. He brought up fears of no longer being accepted by his friends, by their need for him to pay for everything, rising expectations, jealousy, the fear of maybe moving away from the area into a new house, becoming isolated, fear of never knowing if they wanted to be his friend because of who he was or because of what he could do for them.

It’s fascinating when you actually ask the questions of your children, your partner or anyone else who may be affected by a sudden change in wealth and prosperity. Their thoughts physically affect your ability to achieve your desires and if they feel strongly enough about it, can almost permanently keep your dreams from coming true without even knowing that’s what they are doing.

It’s worth asking your own loved ones about what it would be like if you succeeded with what you’re pursuing including a relationship, a more powerful career, more money or better health.

Make no judgement of them. For me I simply looked for a positive spin on what they were saying.

For my son, I asked, what if having lots of money made very little difference? What if they didn’t expect you to pay for things? What if they still wanted to be your friend regardless of how much money you had? What if it meant you could go on holiday with them which you haven’t been able to do up till now?

I give you the transcript below so you can learn from it. I have no qualms about exposing myself as one still in the learning process with vulnerabilities, unanswered questions and unpaid bills (haha). Because, no matter how much you preach and train others, there is always more to learn.

In fact, those who choose to teach or coach are usually the ones most needing answers for themselves.

If you find the words hard to digest, try reading it out loud so you can hear your own voice. I find that helps me understand it better when I get stuck.

Feel free to comment at the bottom with your thoughts or if you have questions.

M = Mercredan channeled by Francis Evans
A = Annabelle Drumm

M: Good morning and once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Many things are being shaken down. That is reorganised and resynchronised. In the overall explosion of consciousness there is a need to bring all things into alignment as awareness opens up. Then that is enough for us to begin a conversation.

A: Mm ok. That is very much along the lines of what our dear friend (the Channeller) and I were talking about. I guess I would like to explore what my position is in this big picture and how I can do my best within it.

Working hard for your money

M: I want to say for many many people, there is an idea that One has to work hard to achieve something. And that puts you in the process of forever “trying” and applying Oneself rather than assuming that One is always in the right place and at the right time. When one simply “lays back”, shall we say, and responds to the incoming experience, then One is “at peace” with the Universe. Do you follow what I mean?

A: I do. This is a very good topic to talk about, I feel.

M: So, the most important thing then, is not how to relax but how to be internally “at peace”. And Peace is a quality where One is much like a cat. Asleep or seemingly so, yet alert and still at peace with itself. So it is capable of an instant response but it is not waiting to make it. Do you follow? One has to find the technique, shall we say, of putting Oneself in a peaceful state but highly alert. That is watching in a relaxed and uninterested state of being.

A: Yes. I feel it probably needs a fair amount of Faith as well. When we say we need to be “in the right place at the right time”, for those things to come about, we have to have faith that that is the case.

M: Mm, let us say this. When it is the case, why would you need to have faith? Faith is over the top of the disappointment that it isn’t really like that. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Mm, no. Tell me a bit more.

M: Because when the reality is that you are creating Reality moment by moment. You are putting yourself in the right moment to experience whatever it is that you need. There is no faith in that. It is simply the way life appears. How it comes into existence. Do you follow? One has faith in ideas but reality is as it is. Do you follow?

A: So, um, for me personally, I feel I have spent a huge amount of time isolating myself “trying hard” with my work, and you told me once before to listen to when I should just go out and do something even if it does not seem logical to do. I am worried that I am missing all the cues!

M: Do you follow that your next breath simply occurs? Do you follow that?

A: Yes

M: You breathe and as long as you are in physical reality the body will breathe in its own fashion. Do you have to have faith that it will occur?

A: No

M: Of course it will occur. That is its primary purpose for holding the body in the existence. And that is why when one is truly in the position, then there is no need for faith as such.

A: OK. But the right place and the right time may not be what is necessarily needed to suit my desires. It may be for putting me in the big picture. Right?

M: Of course it is not to feed your own personal desires. But, What is the need for this Being at this time? And for yourself one of the great lessons at this moment is to learn Peace. You understand? To be able to cease the struggle.

Because if you succeed at your achievements by an amount of effort, and that success arises, then you will be caught up thinking that it is all about how much effort you put in. Do you understand?

A: Yes I understand

M: And you are learning there is NO effort at all to produce a creation.

A: I am struggling to learn that right now, I feel.

M: One puts in effort because One believes that the future is determined by such efforts. Then One has faith in One’s efforts. Do you follow what I am saying?

A: I do understand that though, I guess, it’s hard to have Peace when there are bills to be paid.

M: And that is the point, isn’t it? How is it that you are going to learn to have Peace so that you can respond in a more practical sense? Do you follow?

A: Yes I do

M: One thing that you mention is How will you be able to recognise those trigger points, those messages if One is so overly involved?

A: Mm, they are easy to miss when you are stressed and…

M: That is the point.

A: Yes

M: So, here is something practical. Because at the end of the day many words are spoken, many things are written but, how can you put it into practice? So this is the nature of creation. That is, all things have their own sensitivity, their own patterns that evolve and create space in which they can exist including Self.

So when you sense yourself, you sense not just your physical body but sense how your influences move outwards into the environment. Do you follow what I mean? So what you do, what you say, what you think, is interacting with elements within the wider community of thought process. Therefore an interface with your reality. Does that make sense?

A: Yes it does

M: And there is an energy system that operates within that framework. In other words, your emotions. Shall we take your love for your children is an energy that connects you with them. If you consider that energy you will discover that that energy which connects you with one is not the same energy that connects you with the other. There are differences. That is a two way flow. Does that make sense?

A: Yes it does

M: And this two way flow is that they perceive you from their own perspective. What you are reading and what you are giving interfaces and interacts giving a synchronized connection that is different for each one. Even though when you say the words it always seems as if it would be quite the same.

Then, not just that, but their thoughts interfere with your own reality as much as there is a synchronization. In other words, what they want, what their desires are, often are in conflict with One’s own field. You understand?

A: And that affects what I intuitively choose to do and say and think

M: Of course. Now, that is of a simplistic fashion but in reality Consciousness is capable of understanding many complexities. The human mind cannot deal with any such complexity, but Consciousness as a unitary whole does indeed. Your physical reality, that is your trees and the lamp post, roads and the cars, the hedge at the front and the gate and so on, all affect the framework of energy that is pulsating from One’s centre.

A: That sounds like Feng Shui.

M: Of course! What Feng Shui is in the world comes from an unconscious understanding of interaction and complexity of energy systems. So the tree then, affects One, and One affects the trees. One can sense the reality. That is, when One is becoming aware of the energy system, One begins to sense the interaction, the interfacing and the disturbances caused within such systems. Does that make sense?

A: Yes

M: When One puts Oneself in the present context, that is you are completely present, you are then aware of the interactions of all things that presses on each other and, to a large extent, human beings operate by needing boundaries. Often you talk as if One should have further boundaries and so on.

A: What kind of boundaries?

M: Let us say such boundaries are protections within the inner self. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Is that a good idea? Aren’t we meant to be trying to find more of our inner self?

M: Of course. The point I am making is when you distrust your environment, when you distrust the world, One’s boundaries cause an “idea” of separation.

A: Right

M: And then you are looking for Peace within that. But of course everything interfaces. Whatever boundary you put up will be met by a similar boundary from the outside. That is, as soon as you push against something it will produce an equal and opposite force. That is why you desire something and you are not, shall we say, willing to have it as being. Shall we say, “open and loving” toward it, so it will form its own boundary. Do you follow?

A: Yes I do.

M: If you have a dispute, shall we say, with what you call money, money will form its own equally opposite pressure zone to which there will be an equally tough boundary.

A: Mm, so I need to learn to love money more?

M: Let us say to love its value. To value it and also to be present. Because the question that arises is when one sets up boundaries, what are you protecting?

A: Ah, so in my case with regards to money, um, I am protecting… mm

M: Many possibilities.

A: Yes in many areas really.

M: So you are protecting the idea that money is corrupting. So if it comes into the family it will corrupt the family, as one example.

When One has to work for it – that is hard and long in order to get it – the idea is that it is hard to get. And that is the boundary pushing away from it. Now because we are being practical then, One needs to understand, how does One integrate inside of One’s boundary to allow something to exist on the inside, without it being sensed as some foreign body?

A: Mm! I would love to know that.

Sensing Energy Exercise and dropping your Boundaries

M: When you go outside and you look at something in particular. Let us say it is the tree. You sense what its energy field is. Because the tree itself is the physical manifestation of the energy system that arises from its – what we could call – its elemental core. Then, a tree is not an individual as it is a species.


M: So as certain characteristics that take it back to its wholeness, it is a single example. And then you sense that. You sense the nature of its being. You begin to understand the tree, as such, has its form and has a sensitivity. A feel to it. A feel of a certain way. And not get that by thinking about it. You will only get that by integrating it within your own field of feel. You understand?

A: Yes, yes I do.

M: So now you are dropping your boundary…

A: Yep, to allow it in.

M: So then you can look at your twigs and you do the same with that. You drop your boundary when you take off all the ideas you have around it and sense its appearance in it’s essential ingredients called its field. How it dropped into manifest world. Do you follow what I am saying?

A: No I am struggling with this now.

M: Every simple thing is excluded because you are thinking about it rather than sensing its essential components that brought it into existence. As you move further in, you begin to flesh out your environment.

The boundaries that separate you from it begin to drop away and you become more available to each item. Less judgmental about what is good and what is bad. What is ugly, what is beautiful. All of those descriptions disappear to the acceptance of its field of energy. That is the reality framework in which you entered.

Now you are beginning to understand even the ground you walk upon has a sense unto itself. Part of the entire body of your planet.

A: Mm

M: And as you begin to expand out, the degree of resistance to elements begins to drop away. Small things first. That is the local environment. That is solid things. Then one might begin to allow in such things as animals and birds, and eventually less threatening people, that is babies and young children and so on, until there is little fear for Self.

A: Mm

M: Because one has no boundaries to push it away, within self you are beginning to understand you are all of Consciousness. Therefore what you draw towards you is what you need in the present moment. Do you follow what I am saying?

A: Yes. Yes I do.

M: And at that point you can begin, once you have integrated people and all of their disparages, ideas and so on, you can begin to integrate your own thoughts as also part of the great creation

Serving the World

A: And that’s felt like I have wanted to… I’ve been trying to figure how I fit into this species and this world, and how I am best of service to the Universe.

M: This is one of those paradoxes. You do not become of service other than to Self. You understand? When you begin to take care of Self and integrate all into it, you are indeed taking care of all things.

A: Yes OK

M: But when you begin to take care of things on the outside you have set up a boundary within.

A: Already

M: Already. There is no escape from it.

A: Gosh, lots for me to think about then! So a good exercise on energy and…

M: The point is Peace. If you are at peace with your local environment, when you can walk down the street and there is no jumping towards separation then you are at Peace with yourself and your environment.

A: Wonderful, thank you Mercredan.

M: Then I want to say “Good exercising!”

A: Yes!

M: We will talk again in the near future.

A: We will.

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