Making It In Showbiz

Suitable for all levels of professional Talent and Crew

We’re all looking for the right amount of exposure, clients and paying jobs balanced with creative adventures that keep us challenged, deeply satisfied and having fun.¬†This new training series, due to be launched in the third quarter of 2013, will take you through step by step how to take your Show Business career to the next level.

For beginners

  • Find what you have to offer, what you area you want to focus on and how to get started
  • Top tips for gaining new clients and start getting paid for your work
  • Learn the Business side of Show Business and become a True Professional
  • Cope with rejection and overcoming your fears
  • Work with Kitegirl towards giving up the day job and doing it full time!

For working professionals

  • Start expanding your vision and find direction in your career
  • Learn how to bend your career towards the type of jobs you most desire
  • See inspiring interviews of those who’ve made it in your field of expertise and how they did it
  • Connect with like minded professionals to work on projects together
  • Find ways to even out your workload so life is balanced and enjoyable again

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