24 Aug 2010

Making a Profound Difference

24 Aug 2010

Name: Samantha
Location: New Zealand
Occupation: International Artists’ Agent

Sam was finding the way she’d always done things was inhibiting her personal and income growth leaving her suffering from burnout, limited resources, stress and lack of enthusiasm.

Working with Business and Life Coach Annabelle Drumm she found new ways of solving problems, refined the shape of her life and career, broadened her view of the possibilities and accepted who she was as unique.

“I hired Annabelle last year and completed a her wonderful 24 week course**. Even half way through my life coaching course with Annabelle it was already making a profound difference. Her life coaching course was fantastic and helped me in my personal and business life. I highly recommend Annabelle to anyone who wants to lift their game in every area of their life. You will see results almost immediately! The tools Annabelle gave me are so valuable in every way and I still use them today :)”

Sam Shanahan

** This was 12 Skype and Phone coaching sessions over 24 weeks.

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