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Kitegirl Coach – Feet on the Ground for Creative High Flyers
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Here’s an introduction to who I am and what I’m about.

Kitegirl Coach Annabelle DrummI’m Annabelle Drumm based in Sydney Australia. I run this site you’re visiting now and the Kitegirl Coach Facebook page

There’s more FAQ on me here but I’ll give you a quick summary in the meantime.

I’m originally from New Zealand but have been living here in sunny Sydney with my two beautiful sons since 2001.

I work as a Business and Life Coach for professionals and celebrities established in creative careers like Media, Entertainment, Hospitality, Writing, Events and Advertising. They generally use the coaching to help them refine their career direction, get their motivation back, cope with difficult steps in life, deal with difficult people or take their business to the next level.

musician-jobs-iphone-appsI’ve build a suite of iPhone apps to help all levels of creative people keep track of their jobs whether freelance, through an agent or on contract. As paperwork and accounting programs are what most creatives avoid like the plague (me included), these apps are to make it all a lot simpler to see what you’ll get after expenses and which jobs are yet to be paid.

Stress Management Video course online Study programI’ve started a suite of low cost online video training courses for those who find presently coaching beyond their means and I’m looking at doing an online coaching show for those in creative careers. This looks like it will be filmed via Google Hangouts and broadcast on the YouTube channel.


About website

My Kitegirl tagline is “Feet on the Ground for Creative High Flyers”.

Originally this tagline stood for me helping those in high flying careers get some solid, grounded guidance to draw them to calmer winds. It’s taken on a double meaning now though, as I’ve grown a passion for researching what entities in higher dimensions can teach us about ourselves and the planet, then feed it back to you in a more grounded, practical way.

So you’ll find on the site lessons on using Law of Attraction and much about the big World Shift of Consciousness we’re currently passing through which was noted by the Mayan calendar as December 21 2012 being one strong tipping point.

This date was never intended to be the “end of the world”, simply the beginning of a better one and you’ll see everyday in the news as more old beliefs and old ways of doing things with money, politics and prejudices bubble up ready for the world to question.

I find this stuff fascinating and want to give you as simple an interpretation of it as possible so everyone can understand what’s going on. This ain’t just woo-woo spiritual stuff. This is becoming very real and tangible for every one to see.

So if these topics are of interest to you, if you wish to take your career further, find a happier, calmer way of living; able to cope better in an ever changing world, able to make your life exactly what you want it to be, then you’ve come to the right place!

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