13 Sep 2013

Launched today for Actors, Models and Musicians on iBooks

13 Sep 2013

40 ways to make your agent love you book acting career modelling music singing jobsJust a quick note to let you know my book 40 Ways To Make Your Agent Love You launched on the iBookstore today. Yeh!

I wrote this book to help Performing Artists, Models, Musicians and basically anyone who works with an Agent (also useful to film crew, writers, illustrators, designers) build a great relationship with their Agent so they get preferential treatment.

I’ve based this on my experience of being a preferred performer with my Agent for 9 years and then an Agent myself for 15 years.

If you know anyone who would benefit from reading this book, please do share this link below with them.

As the book becomes available for distribution in other stores such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Copia etc. I will add their links to the page above.

Celebrate Good Times, come on! (Do a little groovy dance…)

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