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About the Kitegirl Community

Here at Kitegirl we are aiming to uncover all the secrets to a happier, more satisfying life and career. We each have our own problems and obstacles to overcome. They can make us feel isolated a lot of the time as we look into the world and see everyone aspiring for perfection. And yet, if you become more open about your challenges, you’ll often find others who are either working on solving the same problems or who have done it already and can give you a hand up. This is what our Kitegirl community is about.

What can I do?

Free Stuff

There’s loads of free articles, blog posts and links to resources and tools you can find on the site. You can also become a subscriber to keep in the loop of new freebies as they are offered.

Join the Forum

Sharing the challenges which hold you back from having a wonderful career or relationship can be a great way to lighten the burden. Ask for help here, contribute when you know how to solve what is being asked or simply stand on the side-lines and see if someone else is already discussing your problem.

Success stories

We want to give you inspiration by reading these great stories of Kitegirl community members and coaching clients who have overcome huge obstacles in their life and career. You also have opportunity to share what you have achieved or what you’re trying to achieve yourself. It can be a really powerful way to commit to your new aspirations by having your story and photo up on a website such as this for all the world to see. Describe in detail where you are at the moment, what you want to achieve and your deadline for achieving it.

Take a course

One of the quickest ways to solving problems around life and business can be to avoid the hours of reading and take a course – either one of our own courses which run online, face to face in the office, or a third party course we have personally assessed and recommend for you.

Life and Business Coaching

Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm has limited places available for personal one-to-one coaching. This is by far the most effective way to overcome your obstacles and is totally customized to suit what you need session by session.

Where would you like to go now?

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